Activists, academics, authors call for progressive taxation

Former Prime Minister Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici, Yana Mintoff, Fr Mark Montebello among some 100 activists, authors and academics sign manifesto calling for  ODZ moratorium

Some 100 activists, academics, authors and members of civil society have signed a manifesto calling on the next government to revise income tax so those who earn more, contribute more.

This comes after both mainstream political parties promised income tax rebates and reductions in the current electoral campaign.

The progressive and anti-poverty proposals put forward in the manifesto include the entrenchment of “the right to a decent minimum wage” and “the right to regular cost of living adjustments” in the Constitution.

The manifesto, whose signatories include former Prime Minister Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici, Yana Mintoff - former Labour candidate and daughter of former Labour leader Dom Mintoff – and outspoken members of the clergy such as Fr Mark Montebello, Fr Gwann Xerri and Fr Ang Seychell – also calls for a reform in rent laws and the introduction of reference budgets - baskets of goods and services that are considered necessary to reach an acceptable standard of living.      

The six-point manifesto also calls for full transparency. “Government must publish all documentation which is in the public interest online.”

ODZ moratorium
Environmental protection features heavily in the manifesto. “No development should take place in Outside Development Zones by imposing a moratorium,” the manifesto says.

Moreover, priority should go to restoring old buildings and populate vacant dwellings. While calling for the creation of green and open spaces in densely populated areas, the manifesto also calls for a concerted effort to reduce dependency on the construction industry by strengthening other economic sectors.

Real inclusion
The manifesto calls for policies which embrace “effective inclusion” and punitive measures against companies which employ people irregularly.

Moreover, the manifesto calls for fairer trade deals between Europe and third world countries and urged the new government to strongly oppose wars and military interventions which are displacing people. 

The new government is also urged to pursue active neutrality, oppose all wars and military actions, condemn war crimes, and demilitarise the Mediterranean.

The signatories include; Martin Abela, Noel Agius, Tancred Agius, Damien Attard, Ivan Attard, Russell Attard. Thomas Attard, Michelle Attard Tonna, Claire Azzopardi  , Kit Azzopardi, Joseph Bartolo, Claudio Bezzina, Kristina Borg, Jean Paul Borg, Tania Borg, Trevor Borg, Anne Francesca Bugeja, Gabriel Buttigieg, Maria Buttigieg, Stephen Cachia, Colin Calleja, Gilbert Calleja, Glen Calleja, Andre Callus, Andrew Camilleri, Jonathan Camilleri , Mark Camilleri, Vincent Camilleri, Alex Caruana, Vincent Caruana, Joanne Cassar, Mandy Cassar, Eric Castillo, Bernard Cauchi, Ruth Cauchi, Louise Chircop, Ashley Cumbo, David Cuschieri, Antonio Dato, Angele Deguara, Jesmond Deguara, Andreana Dibben, Rita Anne Ellul, Alastair Farrugia, Leona Farrugia, Vanessa Farrugia, Robert Louis Fenech, Karina Fiorini, Marthese Formosa , Raisa Galea, Sue Gatt, Joe Gravina, Michael Grech, Adrian Grima, Nathalie Grima, Sandra Hili Vassallo, Johanna MacRae, Fr Vince Magri, Mathias Mallia, Roger Mamo, Peter Mayo, Sammy Meilaq, Janice Mercieca, Alfred Micallef, Charles Miceli, Francois Mifsud, Noel Mifsud, Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici, Yana Mintoff, Fr Mark Montebello, Daniel Muscat, Walid Nabhan, David Pace, Marika Pisani, Omar Rababah , Karin Rotin, Jacqueline Rotin, Eugene Sapiano, Kevin Saliba, Rita Saliba, Rebecca Scerri, Andre Schembri, Erica Schembri, Malcolm Schembri, Emanuel Scicluna, Luke Scicluna, Fr Ang Seychell, Matthew Seychell, Karol Spiteri, Ronald Sultana, Stephen Tabone, Alex Vella Gera, Anthony Patrick Vella, Marco Vella, Mary Grace Vella, Fr Gwann Xerri, Gilbert Zahra, Robert Zahra, Andrea Zammit, Anna Zammit.