[WATCH] Muscat: Those that feel the country has moved forward have an obligation to vote

With three days to go before the election, Labour leader Joseph Muscat appealed to supporters to convince more people to vote

Joseph Muscat in Qormi (Photo: Chris Mangion/Mediatoday)
Joseph Muscat in Qormi (Photo: Chris Mangion/Mediatoday)

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has said that those who believe the country to have “moved forward” over the past four years have an obligation to vote for the Labour Party in next Saturday’s election.

Speaking at a rally in Qormi, Muscat warned against complacency on the part of Labour leaning voters.

Referring to comments by PN leader Simon Busuttil, that he wanted to have a “Labour-proof” government, Muscat insisted that this meant that a Nationalist government would “forget” anyone associated with the party.

“He wants to start by putting me in jail, and then he will turn on each and every one of you and pay you back,” said Muscat. “Anyone who in some way feels like they are a part of this movement or feel that the country has moved forward, has no choice, is obliged even, not to stay home on Saturday.”

He insisted that even those that felt they had been let down, could not allow the country to fall into the hands of Marlene Farrugia and the “coalition of confusion”, while urging voters to vote as early as possible.

Muscat said he was convinced that the Labour Party had the best plan and clearest principles for the country. This he said, contrasted with the Nationalist Party which had a collection of proposals that did not make sense, and which would lead the country down the wrong path.

“Where others try to scare people, not only do we give hope, but we show in concrete terms that wealth will continue to come,” he said.

He accused the PN of scaremongering by suggesting that the financial services and igaming sectors were struggling and would collapse if the Labour Party were to be re-elected.  

On the contrary, he said that despite fears over the gaming industry, the first four months of the year had seen an increase in investment in the sector.

“These are the same people that used to tell us that labour won’t work,” he added, pointing out that in addition to not being true, the country had registered a surplus and record low unemployment.

“Not only did we not need a bailout but we made a surplus of €100 million last year,” said Muscat, who insisted the PN did not have any ideas, and was intent on lying in order to win the election.

He once again reiterated that he would resign if the conclusion of the Egrant inquiry links him to the company, and insisted that Busuttil would have to do the same.  

Muscat stressed that the government had signed a number of agreements for investment I the country, such as that signed with SR technics.

On the other hand, he said that while the government was working hard to bring more work to the country, the PN was set on tarnishing Malta’s name abroad.

“Our principle is Malta, Malta first and above everything,” said Muscat.