[WATCH] Busuttil pledges record economic growth under PN government

Simon Busuttil dismisses Joseph Muscat's warnings: 'PN built this economy from the ground up and steered it through the financial crisis'

PN leader Simon Busuttil addresses a political activity in San Gwann
PN leader Simon Busuttil addresses a political activity in San Gwann


PN leader Simon Busuttil used his last political town meeting before the general election to pledge that the economy will grow at a record rate under a PN administration.

Busuttil’s speech in San Gwann was unusually devoid of talk on government corruption, but focused instead on countering Joseph Muscat’s warnings that a PN government will stagnate the economy.

“After Muscat’s mudslinging campaign against us failed, he decided to embark on a fear-mongering campaign instead and warn that a PN government will stagnate the economy,” he said. “Does he have no shame? We built this economy from the ground up, so how is it possible that the economy will not continue to grow, and grow at a record rate at that, under a PN government?”

He recounted how, under a PN government, Malta was one of only two EU countries (along with Germany) whose economies managed to grow through the 2008 financial crisis.

“Muscat found a strong economy that continued to grow, not because of him, but because the global economic climate improved. We were able to steer the economic ship through the worst storm in history, so can you imagine how well we will be able to steer it through good weather?”

Indeed, he pledged that the PN’s plans to construct a light rail metro across Malta and Gozo will be the “largest expenditure on capital infrastructure in Malta’s history”.

“It will generate extraordinary economic activity, as will our investment in arterial and residential roads and other projects we will carry out.”

Busuttil accused Labour of failing to create a single new economic niche throughout its four years in government and pledged that a PN government will tap into sectors such as Fintech, digital media, sports, social enterprises and the internet of things.

“We are promising innovative and creative ideas, and will create 30,000 high-paying jobs over five years and not minimum-wage-paying jobs in a scheme operated by the General Workers’ Union.”

He added that the PN will seek to distribute wealth to people on the lower strata of society, such as by slashing income tax for small businesses and self-employed people and by reducing income tax from 15% to 10% for people who earn below €20,000.

He also reiterated his pledge to immediately slash fuel prices by 5c per litre and to ensure that fuel prices in Malta remain amongst the cheapest in Europe throughout the PN’s entire five-year term in government. 

“During today’s Braodcasting Authority debate, Muscat said that he kept fuel prices stable. Yes, of course he did, but he kept them stable at an expensive price.”

‘PL warning we will ban hunting, feasts and fireworks’

Busuttil also warned that the Labour Party is spreading rumours that a PN government will ban hunting, village feasts and fireworks.

“The spring hunting issue is a closed case. The people made their decision in a referendum, and we will respect that decision. Feasts and fireworks were always present under previous PN governments and they will remain present because they are part of our culture, our tradition, and our colourful and beautiful identity.”