Labour, PN ditch day of silence law with Facebook live videos

Labour and PN publish live Facebook promotional videos despite 'Day of Silence' law

What day of silence? Labour and PN self-promote on the eve of election day
What day of silence? Labour and PN self-promote on the eve of election day

Labour and PN have ditched the law forbidding political campaigning on the day of reflection, using Facebook Live to broadcast promotional videos to their supporters.

The ‘Day of Silence’ or ‘Day of Reflection’ restricts politicians from campaigning and the media from reporting anything political on the day before the general election.

Article 114 of the General Elections Act clearly states that political parties are precluded from any sort of campaigning on the day before the election, banning them from using “any means of communication to the public” on “any matter intended or likely to influence voters”.

Anyone in breach of the law is liable to a maximum €1,164.69 fine or to imprisonment for up to six months.

However, the main parties appear to believe that they have found a loophole in the law or that the last-ditch campaigning is worth the fine they will have to pay.

Earlier today, the PN filed a complaint with the Electoral Commission, accusing Labour candidates of abusing the day of silence by not removing sponsored Facebook posts. After the Commission ignored the complaint, the PN released its candidates from their obligation not to use Facebook to promote themselves.