Slogans are go: PL’s is ‘Malta Flimkien’, PN’s is ‘Miegħek. Ghal Malta’

The 2022 General Election is underway

The 2022 General Election is underway, as the country’s major political parties have unveiled their slogans for the upcoming campaign.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Robert Abela made the long-awaited announcement, unveiling the 26 March as the date when the country will head to the polls.

Rumours surrounding a possible election date have been going around since last November. Abela had previously said the election would be over by June.

Addressing supporters, he said the country is heading for a “bright spring”.

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Labour Party billboards
Labour Party billboards

He also announced that the Labour Party’s election slogan will be ‘Malta Flimkien’ (Malta Together’. Shortly after his speech concluded, workers were seen setting up billboards and banners across Malta.

Following the PM’s announcement, the PN also announced its election slogan: ‘Miegħek. Ghal Malta’ (With you. For Malta)

Addressing supporters in Mosta, Grech said people must do their part to “stop criminals” operating within government.

Nationalist supporters in Mosta
Nationalist supporters in Mosta

“I will be there with you, but it is essential that you are there with me. Keep joining us in this journey for a better future for Malta,” he said.

The PN will be organising a mass rally outside their headquarters in Pieta at 6 pm, while the Labour will be hosting a mass rally in Qormi on Monday evening.

The PM’s announcement was met with a flurry of reactions. Transport Minister Ian Borg uploaded a photo during a parliamentary group meeting held shortly after Abela’s announcement.

PN spokesperson Peter Agius uploaded a photo from outside the party’s headquarters showing working preparing for Sunday evening’s rally.

Civil society NGO Repubblika vice-president Alessandra Dee Crespo slammed the PM’s decision to call a general election a week before the Pope’s visit to Malta, labelling it a vote-catching exercise.