‘We’re still the underdogs, but we will convince the people’ - Bernard Grech gets ready for election

Reacting real-time to the PM’s election announcement, the PN leader asked voters to help the party clear Malta’s name

PN leader Bernard Grech making his entry in Mosta on Sunday (Photo: PN)
PN leader Bernard Grech making his entry in Mosta on Sunday (Photo: PN)

Opposition leader Bernard Grech said PN remains the underdog in the next election, but added the party is courageous and working to keep on convincing voters.

Grech had a perfectly timed entry on Sunday, as a large crowd of supporters in Mosta welcomed him, just as Prime Minister Robert Abela announced the election for the 26 March.

He said the wealth the country creates belongs to, and should reach all Maltese. “We have to see that wealth is distributed in a just way. To do so one has to create a more resilient economy and not just depend on loans.”

“Everyone has a right to be successful through hard work and not because one is affiliated with a political party,” Grech said.

Grech said the government has no solutions for the rising cost-of-living and that thefore one cannot trust it with the future of the country.

“We want to be a government that makes sure that your competence and resilience are rewarded. We also want to be a government that helps those that can’t make it due to difficult circumstances. We want to be the government that gives you the opportunity to succeed,” Grech said.

Grech said the PL government is robbing the Maltese through their utility bills and income tax. He reiterated PN’s pledge to refund all the “thefts” from the water and electricity bills, and also from the income tax.

“Do you want a prime minister that listens to your pleas, and promises to give you what’s yours or a prime minister that is robbing you every day?” Grech asked.

He said that the Labour party has remained the same, and said its members have always looked out to make personal gains at every opportunity. Grech said he never made plans or deals with criminals, adding that he has the credibility to take Malta off the FATF greylist within three months.

Grech said Robert Abela is surrounded by criminals, referring to Agriculture Minister Anton Refalo’s heritage stone in his private home. With some tongue-in-cheek he suggested that a drone should be sent to Refalo’s home.

He said in recent weeks, “shocking” revelations were made about Abela’s connection with criminals. Grech mentioned the story revealed by Times of Malta that the law firm Abela Advocates has spent the last four years operating out of a prime Valletta location, despite having no legal title to the office in question.

“Let’s all do our part to stop these criminals,” Grech said. “I will be there with you, but it is essential that you are there with me. Keep joining us in this journey for a better future for Malta.”

Grech said the PN has a great responsibility to convince voters and bring about change to the country, and justice for everyone.

PN candidate Ivan Castillo spoke of the importance of meeting people and understanding their everyday difficulties.

He said the Prime Minister and the government are ignoring the rising cost-of-living, which according to him is making life difficult for many workers. “The Nationalist Party is a hope for Malta, for the workers and for normality,” Castillo said.

PN General Secretary Michael Piccinino said the PN is ready for the general election.

“You know where you are with the PN. We are not there to work for our benefits and the benefits of our friends. We are working so that you have a better quality of life and Malta regains its good reputation,” Piccinino said.

“A crucial time for the country has arrived. Each and everyone of has a duty to change the country for the better.” Piccinino invited all those that were still not convinced to give their vote to the PN, to be “part of the change”.

The PN will be organising a rally in front of the party headquarters in Pieta at 6pm on Sunday.