Robert Abela announces COVID wage supplement extension throughout April

Prime Minister says people and businesses know where they stand with the Labour government

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela

Prime Minister Robert Abela announced the COVID wage supplement scheme would be extended throughout April, whilst not ruling out a further extension for the following months.

Speaking at a Labour Party event in Msida on Wednesday evening, Abela said the tax refund cheques that are currently being distributed, were not an electoral gimmick.

“We did not hand out the cheques because the election is incoming, as we strengthened them every year. If the electorate entrusts us again to govern, you will keep on receiving them every year,” Abela said.

The PM said that under a PN government, cheque distribution would come to a halt, adding that Opposition leader Bernard Grech could not be trusted.

“What would he do on energy prices in face of the current spike in international prices? He had said that if they increased abroad, they would be increasing in Malta as well.”

Abela said the Labour government kept the businesses afloat during the pandemic, emphasizing this was thanks to the COVID wage supplement scheme.

He took a dig at Grech, who recently claimed wage supplements would have to be refunded by businesses.

“This is irresponsible, coming from the Opposition leader during a period of recovery, where stability is much needed. He put businesses under a lot of pressure,” Abela said.  “You know where you stand with us but you don’t know where you stand with the Nationalist Party.”

Abela also said that the Labour government protected those that were renting properties through lease agreements made prior to June 1995. He said 10,000 families were offered peace of mind through subsidies, whilst property owners received a fair amount as per the value of their property.