Who are the frontrunners in the 2022 election?

MaltaToday’s rolling survey has been polling people on their first-choice candidates on each of the districts. Kurt Sansone takes a look at the numbers

Throughout the election campaign, MaltaToday has continuously polled people to understand how they will vote. 

We also asked those who indicated a voting preference for either of the two major parties to indicate who their first-choice candidate on the district is. 

The results are broken down into front runners – those who scored a double-digit share on their respective district – and the rest, ranked according to polling data. 

No percentages are given for those who are not front runners because the numbers are so low they could be subject to significant change. Candidates that received less than 1% of consensus were not included. 

On each district, a significant portion of voters were still undecided who to give their number one vote. 

However, the results do give an indication of popularity on the districts and possibly open a window on how Malta’s next parliament could shape up. 

District 1 

PL: Front runners 

Aaron Farrugia MP: 14.2% 

Keith Tanti: 10.7% 

Jose Herrera MP: 10.2% 

The rest 

1. Deo Debattista MP 

2. Cressida Galea 

3. Davina Sammut Hili 

4. Andy Ellul MP 

Do not know: 47.9% 

Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia enjoys the most popularity among Labour voters on the 1st District and could very well displace Culture Minister Jose Herrera for the top spot in terms of first count votes. Farrugia obtained 3,600 first count votes in the 2017 general election, coming in second after Herrera, who received 4,630 and was elected on the first count.  This time around Herrera appears to be battling for the second spot with Pieta Mayor Keith Tanti, who is contesting for the first time. Medical doctor Deo Debattista comes in fourth and whether he wins a seat on the district will depend on how votes are inherited. The Labour Party elected three MPs from this district in 2017 and is likely to do so again. However, 47.9% of PL voters said they were uncertain who their first preference on the district will be. 

Elected in 2017: Jose Herrera (1st count), Aaron Farrigia (16th count), Deo Debattista (18th count) 

PN: Front runners 

Darren Carabott: 10.5% 

The rest 

1. Mario de Marco MP 

2. James Aaron Ellul 

3. Paula Mifsud Bonnici 

4. Christian Micallef 

5. Justin Schembri 

Do not know: 61.1% 

Newcomer Darren Carabott, a lawyer and former NET TV journalist, appears to enjoy an edge over veteran Mario de Marco and another NET TV journalist, James Aaron Ellul. This district is conditioned by the departure of Claudio Grech, who obtained 2,606 first count votes in 2017, and the fact that 61.1% of Nationalist voters had not yet made up their mind on who to vote for. In the last election, the PN elected two MPs from the district with de Marco picking up the lion’s share of the vote and getting elected on the first count with 4,721 votes. 

Elected in 2017: Mario de Marco (1st count), Claudio Grech (19th count) 

District 2 

PL: Front runners 

Robert Abela MP: 50.6% 

The rest 

1. Clyde Caruana MP 

2. Oliver Scicluna MP 

3. Byron Camilleri MP 

4. Joe Mizzi MP 

5. Alison Zerafa Civelli 

6. Chris Agius MP 

Do not know: 25.9% 

This district is skewed because as expected, Labour leader Robert Abela will pick up the lion’s share of the vote for his party. This is why first count votes for the rest of the candidates may be misleading because much will depend on who inherits the sea of votes that will become available when Abela’s surplus is distributed. It remains to be seen whether his sister in law, Alison Zerafa Civelli, will benefit from the family relationship with the Prime Minister. However, the rank order at first count shows a slight preference towards Finance Minister Clyde Caruana and Oliver Scicluna, who both were co-opted to parliament by Abela in the last legislature. This district also sees incumbent MPs, Joe Mizzi, Chris Agius, Glenn Bedingfield, Byron Camilleri and Carmelo Abela vying for a seat. Missing from this year’s election is Helena Dalli. The Labour Party elected four MPs from this district in 2017 and is on course to repeat that feat. 

Elected in 2017: Joseph Muscat (1st count), Helena Dalli (22nd count), Joe Mizzi (23rd count), Chris Agius (27th count) – Glenn Bedingfield (casual election) 

PN: Front runners 

Stephen Spiteri MP: 44.6% 

Bernice Bonello: 11% 

The rest 

1. Leone Sciberras 

2. Errol Cutajar 

Do not know: 28.5% 

Medical doctor Stephen Spiteri is on course to secure the only seat, the Nationalist Party will win on this district. In 2017, Spiteri obtained 4,671 votes and could very well improve on this tally in a less crowded field. The PN has fielded six candidates on the Second District, as opposed to 13 in the 2017 election. 

Elected in 2017: Stephen Spiteri (1st count) 

District 3 

PL: Front runners 

Chris Fearne MP: 20.8% 

The rest 

1. Owen Bonnici MP 

2. Andy Ellul MP 

3. Carmelo Abela MP 

4. Ray Abela 

5. Alicia Bugeja Said 

6. Jean Claude Micallef MP 

Do not know: 56.8% 

This district is conditioned by the candidature of Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne, who could improve the first count tally from five years ago when he obtained 4,693 votes. This is Fearne’s first election as deputy leader and the distribution of his surplus will play an important part in the final outcome for the other candidates. However, the rank order suggests that Equality Minister Owen Bonnici and newcomer Andy Ellul, who was co-opted to parliament earlier this year, may just get ahead of minister Carmelo Abela. Abela was the second highest scoring candidate after Fearne in the last general election, obtaining 2,892 votes on the first count. Missing from this year’s election are Helena Dalli and Silvio Grixti, who was the surprise candidate five years ago but who had to resign from parliament after being investigated by the police. Grixti had obtained 2,452 votes. The Labour Party elected four MPs from this district in 2017 and is likely to repeat that feat. However, who gets to fill the three seats after Fearne could possibly be decided at the last minute by the 56.8% of Labour voters unsure who to give their first preference to. 

Elected in 2017: Chris Fearne (1st count), Carmelo Abela (26th count), Helena Dalli (30th count), Silvio Grixti (31st count) – Jean Claude Micallef (casual election) 

PN: Front runners 

Stephen Spiteri MP: 13.6% 

The rest 

1. Mary Muscat 

2. Carm Mifsud Bonnici MP 

3. Janice Chetcuti 

4. John Baptist Camilleri 

5. Leone Sciberras 

6. Errol Cutajar 

Do not know: 43.4% 

The withdrawal of Mario Galea from the PN candidature appears to have paved the way for Stephen Spiteri to secure the only seat the party is expected to win on this district. In the 2017 election, Spiteri got 1,272 first count votes, placing second behind Galea. The rest of the list sees newcomer Mary Muscat edge out veteran MP Carm Mifsud Bonnici. However, 43.4% of PN voters were still undecided on who to give their first preference. 

Elected in 2017: Mario Galea (28th count) 

District 4 

PL: Front runners 

Chris Fearne MP: 32.6% 

Byron Camilleri MP: 13.3% 

The rest 

1. Chris Bonett 

2. Jonathan Attard MP 

3. Deo Debattista MP 

Do not know: 42.4% 

This district is also conditioned by the candidature of Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne, who is expected to do even better than five years ago when he polled 5,405 first count votes. Fearne’s surplus votes will play an important role in who gets elected from the other candidates but Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri is likely to come in second, filling the void left behind by former district heavy weights Konrad Mizzi and Silvio Parnis. The rest of the pecking order sees newcomer and former MFA vice president Chris Bonett slip in just ahead of MPs Jonathan Attard and Deo Debattista. However, with 42.4% of Labour voters undecided who to give their number one and in the wake of a significant Fearne surplus, the game may yet be open for other candidates like MP Glenn Bedingfield. The PL elected four MPs from this district in 2017 and looks set to repeat that performance.  

Elected in 2017: Chris Fearne (1st count), Konrad Mizzi (1st count), Silvio Parnis (3rd count), Byron Camilleri (23rd count) – Etienne Grech (casual election) 

PN: Front runners 

Mark Anthony Sammut: 14.6% 

The rest 

1. Julie Zahra 

2. Carm Mifsud Bonnici MP 

3. Jason Azzopardi MP 

4. Bernice Bonello 

Do not know: 53.4% 

Mark Anthony Sammut appears to be on course to clinch the PN’s seat on the fourth district, with MaltaToday’s candidate survey showing him well ahead of fellow party candidates. Sammut had contested the 2017 election and obtained 1,379 first count votes, placing third behind Jason Azzopardi and Carm Mifsud Bonnici. However, Sammut could possibly unseat MP Jason Azzopardi, who trailed behind newcomer Julie Zahra and MP Carm Mifsud Bonnici. However, with 53.4% of PN voters still undecided who to give their first preference to, the pecking order could change. The PN only elected one MP from this district in 2017 and this is likely to be repeated this year. 

Elected in 2017: Jason Azzopardi (21st count) – Carm Mifsud Bonnici (extra seat proportional mechanism) 

District 5 

PL: Front runners 

Robert Abela MP: 45.4% 

Owen Bonnici MP: 14.6% 

The rest 

1. Miriam Dalli MP 

2. Julia Farrugia Portelli MP 

3. Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi MP 

Do not know: 23.1% 

Robert Abela’s candidature on this district will automatically depress the first count tallies of fellow Labour candidates and his surplus will determine how the rest of the process pans out. Polling shows that Equality Minister Owen Bonnici could come in second after the PL leader. Miriam Dalli leads the rest of the pack with Farrugia Portelli and Zrinzo Azzopardi battling it out between them. However, Abela’s surplus votes could see somebody like Dalli leapfrog Bonnici. This district will be particular to watch since in the last election the PL lost one of its four seats. It has to be seen whether the efforts to win back the fourth seat have paid off. 

Elected in 2017: Joseph Muscat (1st count), Owen Bonnici (23rd count), Julia Farrugia Portelli (24th count) – Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi (casual election) 

PN: Front runners 

Bernard Grech: 57.5% 

Toni Bezzina: 12.7% 

The rest 

1. Stanley Zammit 

Do not know: 22.8% 

In a district conditioned by the candidacy of Bernard Grech, who is expected to suck up the lion’s share of the Nationalist vote, if the PN retains its second seat, the most likely candidate to make it is architect Toni Bezzina. However, all depends on whether the PN manages to hold on to the second seat it won five years ago. Bezzina had picked up 2,847 votes on the first count coming in front of Hermann Schiavone, who is not contesting this time around. Of interest for the PN will be what happens to the 821 first count votes Marlene Farrugia had obtained in 2017 when Partit Demokratiku candidates contested on the PN ticket. 

Elected in 2017: Toni Bezzina (21st count), Hermann Schiavone (26th count) 

District 6 

PL: Front runners 

Silvio Schembri MP: 19.9% 

Ian Borg MP: 12.7% 

Roderick Galdes MP: 12.1% 

The rest 

1. Rosianne Cutajar MP 

Do not know: 44.4% 

This district will be keenly contested between three ministers – Silvio Schembri, Ian Borg and Roderick Galdes. Robert Abela’s absence from this district this time around left 3,403 votes up for grabs. Schembri appears to have enjoyed a slight advantage over Borg and Galdes. From the rest of the pack, Rosianne Cutajar appears to have the strongest support although it has to be seen how votes will be inherited. The PL elected three MPs from this district in the last election. 

Elected in 2017: Silvio Schembri (1st count), Robert Abela (14th count), Roderick Galdes (17th count) – Rosianne Cutajar (casual election) 

PN: Front runners 

Jerome Caruana Cilia: 44.2% 

Ryan Callus MP: 13.6% 

The rest 

1. Alessia Psaila Zammit 

Do not know: 37.1% 

Newcomer Jerome Caruana Cilia is set to inherit the mantle from Clyde Puli, who withdrew his PN candidature at the start of the electoral campaign. Caruana Cilia, a local councillor in Qormi, is likely to post a very strong performance on his first attempt in a general election, displacing Ryan Callus from the top spot. 

The PN is likely to elect two MPs from the district and Callus looks set to clinch that second place with Alessia Psaila Zammit trailing at a distance. 

Elected in 2017: Ryan Callus (12th count), Clyde Puli (16th count) 

District 7 

PL: Front runners 

Ian Borg MP: 23.4% 

The rest 

1. Julia Farrugia Portelli MP 

2. Aaron Farrugia MP 

3. Silvio Schembri MP 

4. Malcolm Paul Galea 

5. Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi 

6. Alicia Bugeja Said 

7. Naomi Cachia 

Do not know: 47.3% 

Ian Borg is on track to retain the top spot for his party in this district. In 2017, Borg got 5,566 first count votes and could very well repeat that performance. The rest of the pack sees Julia Farrugia Portelli with what appears to be a marginal head start over ministerial rival Aaron Farrugia. On this district, the PL elects three MPs and with 47.3% of voters unsure who to give their first preference vote, the game may still be open for the two seats after Borg. 

Elected in 2017: Ian Borg (1st count), Edward Scicluna (2nd count), Silvio Schembri (24th count) 

PN: Front runners 

Ian Mario Vassallo Hagi: 10% 

The rest 

1. Ryan Callus 

2. Rebekah Cilia 

3. Adrian Delia 

4. Alessia Psaila Zammit 

5. Clifford Zahra Fenech 

6. Anton Mifsud 

7. Ivan Bartolo 

Do not know: 64% 

Rabat podiatrist Ian Mario Vassallo Hagi emerges as a surprise front runner but with 64% of Nationalists on this district claiming to be unsure who to vote for, the race is wide open. The PN elected two MPs on this district in 2017 – Beppe Fenech Adami and Jean Pierre Debono. Both did not have their names on the 7th District ballot sheet this time around, and 2017 candidates Sam Abela and Antoine Borg, who polled more than 1,000 votes each, also did not feature. Another missing candidate was former PD representative Godfrey Farrugia, who received more than 1,000 first count votes in 2017. The absence of all these candidates was probably a reason that contributed to the undecidedness. Ryan Callus, newcomer Rebekah Cilia, an engineer, and former PN leader Adrian Delia will also be in the battle for the PN’s two seats. 

Elected in 2017: Beppe Fenech Adami (25th count), Jean Pierre Debono (25th count) – Godfrey Farrugia (casual election) 

District 8 

PL: Front runners 

Clyde Caruana MP: 19.8% 

Edward Zammit Lewis MP: 15% 

The rest 

1. Clayton Bartolo MP 

2. Alex Muscat MP 

3. Oliver De Gaetano 

4. Rosianne Cutajar MP 

5. Felix Busuttil Galea 

6. Roderick Galdes 

Do not know: 50.9% 

In a district where the PL normally elects two MPs, the front runners are Finance Minister Clyde Caruana and district MP Edward Zammit Lewis. Caruana is set to inherit the mantle of his predecessor at Maison Demandols, Edward Scicluna, who obtained 3,577 first count votes in 2017. This is Caruana’s first general election. Zammit Lewis, who made it to parliament through a casual election last time around, is very likely to be elected on his own steam after the departure of former deputy leader Chris Cardona and notary Ian Castaldi Paris. 

Although 50.9% of Labour voters were unsure who to vote for, it does not appear likely that the front runners could face a significant challenge from other party candidates. 

Elected in 2017: Edward Scicluna (18th count), Chris Cardona (24th count) – Edward Zammit Lewis (casual election) 

PN: Front runners 

Beppe Fenech Adami MP: 14.2% 

Justin Schembri: 11.6% 

The rest 

1. Adrian Delia MP 

2. David Pace Ross 

3. Julie Zahra 

4. Michael Asciak 

5. Alex Perici Calascione 

6. Dorian Sciberras 

7. David Agius MP 

Do not know: 44.9% 

Birkirkara and the surname Fenech Adami are inseparable and it appears that Beppe Fenech Adami enjoyed a head start over the rest of the PN candidates. However, he could be given a good run for his money by newcomer Justin Schembri and former leader Adrian Delia, who used to be president of the locality’s football club. The PN elected three MPs from this district in 2017, including deputy leader David Agius. The survey numbers suggest Agius could have a lacklustre performance this time around, although much could depend on the size of surplus votes the front runners will have. In 2017, Fenech Adami had polled 6,484 first count votes, leading to a surplus of 2,516 votes for redistribution. This will be the first general election for Delia since he only made it to parliament through co-option. With 44.9% of Nationalist voters still undecided who to give their number 1 vote, Delia could very well have tapped into this reservoir to secure one of the PN’s three seats. Therese Comodini Cachia was missing from the ballot sheet after calling it a day. 

Elected in 2017: Beppe Fenech Adami (1st count), Therese Comodini Cachia (22nd count), David Agius (22nd count) 

District 9 

PL: Front runners 

Clifton Grima MP: 29.2% 

Michael Falzon MP: 21.1% 

The rest 

1. Rebecca Buttigieg 

2. Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi MP 

Do not know: 41.4% 

Education Minister Clifton Grima and Social Justice Minister Michael Falzon are set to be the PL’s two runaway candidates on this district with the biggest battle being who of them ends up with the most votes. Grima, who enjoys strong roots in Msida, is likely to keep the top spot and vastly improve on his 2017 tally. The PL elects two seats on the 9th District, although possibilities could open for more candidates to make it by casual election since the front runners are likely to get elected on two districts. The PL’s candidature only had five names with newcomer Rebecca Buttigieg likely to leave her mark. 

Elected in 2017: Clifton Grima (30th count), Michael Falzon (30th count) – Manuel Mallia (casual election) 

PN: Front runners 

Joe Giglio: 24% 

The rest 

1. Robert Arrigo MP 

2. Beppe Fenech Adami MP 

3. Ivan Bartolo 

4. Graham Bencini 

5. Albert Buttigieg 

6. Eve Borg Bonello 

7. Graziella Attard Previ 

8. Karl Gouder 

9. Noel Muscat 

Do not know: 51.3% 

Newcomer Joe Giglio, a lawyer, is set to emerge as the front runner on the 9th District, well ahead of his closest challenger, entrepreneur and deputy leader Robert Arrigo. On this district, the PN has lost Kristy Debono, who scored an impressive 4,022 first count votes in 2017. Missing as well is Marthese Portelli who quit politics. The PN elects three MPs from this district and it remains to be seen how the surplus of Giglio’s vote will be distributed. Arrigo is likely to make it but the third seat could see a hot contest between several candidates, including Beppe Fenech Adami, who threw his name in the hat after Debono announced she was withdrawing her candidature. The survey suggests that MPs Karol Aquilina and Jason Azzopardi are unlikely to impress but given the surname advantage on the ballot sheet, they could benefit from donkey voting in a long-drawn battle for inherited votes. Significant is the fact that more than half of Nationalist voters said they were still unsure who their preferred candidate was. 

Elected in 2017: Kristy Debono (1st count), Robert Arrigo (26th count), Marthese Portelli (29th count) 

District 10 

PL: Front runners 

Michael Falzon MP: 25.3% 

Clifton Grima MP: 23.7% 

The rest 

1. Evarist Bartolo MP 

2. Joe-Etienne Abela 

Do not know: 38% 

The 10th District will see a similar battle to that on the 9th between Education Minister Clifton Grima and Social Justice Minister Michael Falzon for the top spot. However, the veteran Falzon here enjoys the comfort of his Sliema constituency. Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo, who took the top spot in 2017, is likely to be pushed down into third place with a big question mark hanging over his ability to get elected on his own steam. The PL elects two MPs from this district, although possibilities could open through a casual election. 

Elected in 2017: Evarist Bartolo (32nd count), Michael Falzon (32nd count) 

PN: Front runners 

Joe Giglio: 26.2% 

Robert Arrigo MP 18.8% 

The rest 

1. Mark Anthony Sammut 

2. Karl Gouder MP 

3. Graziella Attard Previ 

4. Albert Buttigieg 

5. Karol Aquilina 

6. Graham Bencini 

Do not know: 40.8% 

Newcomer Joe Giglio is set to come out in front on this district, a Nationalist hotbed. Giglio is likely to take the top spot from deputy leader Robert Arrigo, who scored 4,793 first count votes in 2017. The PN elects three seats from this district, which leaves the race wide open for the rest of the pack to battle it out for the third slot. Although PN president Mark Anthony Sammut appears to enjoy a slight advantage, much will depend on how votes are distributed when they are inherited. Of particular interest on this district will be the performance of independent candidate Arnold Cassola. It remains to be seen whether Cassola could have tapped into the 1,016 votes former PD leader Marlene Farrugia obtained on the first count in 2017 when the fledgling party contested in coalition with the PN. Farrugia ended up taking one of the PN’s seats by inheriting enough votes to stay long enough in the race. Whether Farrugia’s vote will return solidly back to the PN or seek new pastures remains to be seen. 

District 11 

PL: Front runners 

Alex Muscat MP: 22.8% 

Miriam Dalli MP: 17.2% 

Tony Agius Decelis MP: 12.1% 

The rest 

1. Romilda Baldacchino Zarb 

2. Michael Farrugia MP 

Do not know: 37.3% 

Mosta-boy Alex Muscat is likely to be the front runner in this district, where the PL is expected to elect two MPs. However, Miriam Dalli, who will be contesting her first general election, could pose a significant challenge. Tony Agius Decelis’s performance cannot be underestimated either – he was the highest scoring Labour candidate with 2,950 first count votes in the 2017 general election – but the survey suggests he may be leapfrogged by Muscat and Dalli. It has to be seen whether any of the PL candidates manages to garner enough votes to get elected on the first count but if the previous election is anything to go by, the probability is that a lot will hinge on how votes are transferred between counts. 

Elected in 2017: Tony Agius Decelis (23rd count), Alex Muscat (23rd count) 

PN: Front runners 

Bernard Grech MP: 56.8% 

The rest 

1. Rebekah Cilia 

2. Joseph Grech 

3. David Agius MP 

4. Alex Perici Calascione 

5. Edwin Vassallo MP 

6. Ivan Bartolo MP 

Do not know: 23.4% 

This is a district skewed by the presence of the PN leader who is expected to hoover up the bulk of number one votes. Bernard Grech will follow in the steps of former PN leader Simon Busuttil who in the last election collected 11,266 votes in the first count, which left more than 7,000 surplus votes to be distributed. The question voters would have answered is whether they should opt for newcomers like Rebekah Cilia and Joseph Grech instead of David Agius and Edwin Vassallo. However, Agius does have the advantage of being deputy leader and at the top of the list on the ballot sheet. 

Elected in 2017: Simon Busuttil (1st count), David Agius (16th count), Edwin Vassallo (22nd count) – Ivan Bartolo and Maria Deguara (casual elections) 

District 12 

PL: Front runners 

Clayton Bartolo MP: 18.1% 

Michael Farrugia MP: 16% 

The rest 

1. Jonathan Attard MP 

2. Tony Agius Decelis MP 

3. Evarist Bartolo MP 

4. Romilda Baldacchino Zarb 

Do not know: 45.3% 

In the last election, the PL elected two MPs from this district but with the difference in votes being very little, there is the possibility that the tables could turn. Much will depend on what happens in St Paul’s Bay, which remains one of those electoral black holes given the diversified population and traditional tendency for people to abstain. The PL is likely to elect Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo and Elderly Minister Michael Farrugia but election newcomer Jonathan Attard could be the dark horse in the race. It appears that veteran MP Evarist Bartolo could lose his seat but this will also depend on how votes are inherited. 

Elected in 2017: Michael Farrugia (24th count), Evarist Bartolo (25th count) 

PN: Front runners 

Robert Cutajar MP: 16.8% 

Ivan Castillo: 12% 

The rest 

1. Graziella Galea MP 

2. Claudette Buttigieg MP 

3. Ivan Bartolo 

4. Maria Deguara MP 

Do not know: 51.7% 

Mellieha duo Robert Cutajar and Ivan Castillo look set to clinch two of the PN’s seats on the district. If the party manages to hold on to its third seat, this will be a likely battle between former St Paul’s Bay mayor Graziella Galea, who was co-opted to parliament earlier this year, and MP Claudette Buttigieg. The last general election saw party leader Simon Busuttil contest on this district, which leaves more than 9,000 votes up for grabs. More than half the Nationalist electorate was also unsure who to vote for as a first preference. 

Elected in 2017: Simon Busuttil (1st count), Robert Cutajar (27th count), Claudette Buttigieg (28th count) – David Thake (casual election) 

District 13 

PL: Front runners 

Clint Camilleri MP: 31.4% 

Anton Refalo MP: 19.1% 

The rest 

1. Joe-Etienne Abela 

2. Christian Zammit 

Do not know: 46.1% 

Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri is on course to take the lion’s share of votes, eclipsing Anton Refalo. In the last general election, Camilleri had placed third with 2,466 first count votes behind Refalo and Justyne Caruana. Refalo had topped the list with 4,853 votes. However, with Caruana no longer in the race, the survey suggests that Camilleri could turn the tables on Refalo and claim the top spot. The third seat for the PL on the district will be determined by vote transfers and is likely to see a hotly contested race between surgeon Joe-Etienne Abela and Xagħra Mayor Christian Zammit. Abela could have the upper hand because his surname places him at the top of the list. 

Elected in 2017: Anton Refalo (1st count), Justyne Caruana (17th count), Clint Camilleri (18th count) 

PN: Front runners 

Chris Said MP: 18% 

Alex Borg: 14.8% 

The rest 

1. Claudette Buttigieg MP 

2. Kevin Cutajar MP 

Do not know: 48.4% 

Veteran MP Chris Said and newcomer Alex Borg go head-to-head for the PN’s top spot on the Gozo district. Said appears to have the edge over Borg but everything shows that incumbent MPs Kevin Cutajar and Joe Ellis could miss out on a parliamentary seat. Neither Said nor Borg are contesting on a second district, which means there will be no casual elections in Gozo. 

Elected in 2017: Chris Said (1st count), Marthese Portelli (15th count) – David Stellini (casual election), Frederick Azzopardi (extra seat proportional mechanism)