Contractor awarded 'precarious work' Castille contract during time of recording

Contractor involved in recordings of GWU union boss Tony Zarb was awarded a Castille cleaning government contract during time of recording.

Weekly newspaper Illum reports that the contractor being protected by Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and the Nationalist-owned media was awarded a contract by government despite how the contract awarded violated minimum wage regulations.

Dominic Gafa has been outed as the contractor involved in a covert recording that was made public by PN-owned NET News earlier this week.

The Nationalist Party has been insisting that the recordings prove that Zarb somehow wields influence over the Labour Party, and that it is in a position to favor the interests of affiliated companies and employers.

Illum reports that the same person who was involved in the recordings of Zarb in July 2012, was awarded a tender that involved precarious working conditions by the Office of the Prime Minister itself.

Illum reports that the tender was awarded to the company in July 2012, during the same time when the recorded meeting took place in a restaurant in Wied il-Ghajn.

So far, the PN and its media have held back from publishing the full recording, fuelling considerable speculation regarding what else it is keeping in reserve.

However Illum reports that the contractor's company, Gafa Saveway Cleaners Ltd, was chosen by the Prime Minister's Office for a cleaning tender despite how the company submitted a tender offer that featured a price that is falls substantially short of minimum wage limits established by law.

Read the full report in Sunday's issue of Illum.


Dan skandaluz mela li Toni Zarb union man jaqbez ghal dan il-grupp ta Maltin li huma ikkundannati li jibqghu jghixu fil-mizerja imhabba it-tenders ta GonziPN!
@cikku. What's wrong with the last paragraph?
What is amazing about gonzipn is that when faced with allegations of corruptions, like pilot they wash their hands and tell one to go to the police. Yet with Toni Zarb's case , in which gonzipn is alleging corruption did not go to the police with evidence but sent it ti its media including PBS to make as much spin out of it as possible. Can gonzi or Simon explain these different measures? I bet they can't as all this is simply a spin to try and dicredit PL, although one can safely say one can't see how.
Sfruttament tal-haddiema fl-aqwa tieghu permezz tal-prekarjat. Dik qabza fil-kwalita` tax-xoghol! Basta niftahru b'kemm jobs hloqna! Qed nergaw noholqu l-iskjavitu` f'Malta.
Paul Sammut
Fenea is every day coning across as some Dickensian Miss Havisham, a spinster who lives in her ruined mansion surrounded by stale memories, cobwebs and rats, shut away from sunlight, afraid of facing reality and a new tomorrow, ending up badly, repenting, realising too late that her loathing only serves to do her and others harm. She makes her final move by becoming part of the change before passing away.
Where I used to work, this contractor had the cleaning tender. It was well know that this contractor's staff were all working illegally. But political inertia was the order of the day and no one used to take action. Now, he is trying to ditch Tony Zarb to make sure he's out of the way!!
Like others, I've often praised Malta Today for telling it like it is (apologies to Mr. Balzan). But I have to say, that sentences like the last paragraph of this article are not good journalism.