Three nominations for Gonzi’s vacant seat

Antione Borg and Philip Mifsud submit nomination to fill in the seat vacated by Lawrence Gonzi.

Antione Borg and Philip Mifsud today submitted their nominations for the casual election to be held next week to fill in the seat vacated by former Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi.

Borg and Mifsud joined former Nationalist MP Anthony Abela who submitted his nomination for the casual election yesterday.

Borg, the PN's former Financial Controller had garnered 197 first-count votes while Mifsud, an architect and former MP, had won 214 first-count votes in March.

Other PN candidates who are expected to submit their nomination include another former MPs, Peter Micallef and Edwin Vassallo and architect David Vassallo. .

Nominations will close on Friday and a casual election will be held on 30 July.

Listen to me dear PN - leave the seat vacant - there is absolutely no parliamentary material in any of the three nominations. In the past, Gonzi had spoken of the limited talent in his group. Buzullotti will be speaking very soon of the inexistent talent in his group.
Int bis serjeta Fredu? Facli tkun statesman meta tifqa lil kaxxa bid dejn thalli li ta tahtek jghamlu li jridu u tghaddi in nies biz zmien bil weghdi mhux imwettqa.
All the candidates put together cannot even start to fill in Gonzi's vacant seat. Kemm tridu tieklu bajd u gobon biex tersqu lejn l-expertise ta' Gonzi u l-par idejn sodi tieghu! Studjaw kulma ghamel Gonzi u forsi tibdew titghallmu li statesman bhal dak mhux facli tihdulu postu. Start with the winning smile as you cannot start with the winning results.