New law will give SMEs more peace of mind online

Nationalist MEP Francis Zammit Dimech said the new law would safeguard several small businesses and would allow for healthy competition and overall consumer satisfaction

Nationalist MEP Francis Zammit Dimech
Nationalist MEP Francis Zammit Dimech

A new law promoting fairness and transparency for business using online platforms, will ensure the businesses are safeguarded when using online platforms, Nationalist MEP Franciz Zammit Dimech said on Thursday.

“Maltese businesses want us to create a fair and competitive business environment and to facilitate digital transformation,” Zammit Dimech said.

“I am glad that the new regulation I negotiated will ensure that business are safeguarded when using online platforms to reach customers, and that customers will now have a wider choice and better value deals.”

Zammit Dimech was speaking during a debate at the European Parliament, where he explained that businesses, especially small ones, were becoming more dependent on online platforms to reach customers, who have embraced such platforms for buying a great deal of items and services.

The PN MEP, who served as the Rapporteur in the Committee on Legal Affairs, said that businesses were asking the EU to support the tourism sector. He said that this regulation will address this matter as well, since data collected through platforms as a result of commercial activity of business users, is to be made available to the respective business.

This is crucial for the hospitality sector and will ensure a better service and facilitate targeted marketing, he said.

Zammit Dimech thanked the Malta Business Bureau for its contribution and referred to their manifesto for the 2019 European election and the next EU mandate, saying that among other issues, MBB had outlined “the need to press ahead with more necessary reforms and implement policies that create a fair and competitive business environment, facilitate digital transformation, and continue investing in innovation”.

He said that, as he had done one tax issues, and with regard to the regulation concerning the pharmaceutical sector, he will continue to safeguard the interests and competitiveness of Malta’s business sector and jobs.

Zammit Dimech concluded by saying that he was glad to have contributed to safeguard several small businesses, allowing for healthy competition leading to increased consumer choice and better deals when buying online.

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