Joseph M. Sammut | We can never have a strong Europe without sustainability as a continuous development

Meet Labour candidate Joseph M. Sammut

These are the issues I will champion in the European Parliament


We can never have a strong Europe unless it is a sustainable one. Sustainability is a continuous development, it is an ongoing process. It refers to the need to develop sustainable models necessary for both humanity and our planet.

I have a special interest in:

Innovative Farming and Blue Growth Strategy - Preservation of the environment and conservation of natural resources.

Focus on energy efficiency of buildings, eco-design and bioenergy sustainability.

Cut greenhouse gas emissions

Sustainable agriculture/ farming has been defined as an integrated system of plant and animal production that will last over a long time, satisfy human food needs, enhance natural resources, use efficiently of non-renewable resources, sustain economic viability of farms and enhance the quality of life for farmers and society as a whole. It is the practice of Innovative farming using principles which respect ecology and save natural resources.

Blue Growth Strategy - is the long term strategy to support sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors as a whole. Seas and oceans are drivers for the European economy and have great potential for innovation and growth. The pressures of a growing world population should be taken as an opportunity to build a more sustainable future therefore there is even more urgency to be innovative. Malta is surrounded by sea water and our location is ideal to host the EU’s Blue Growth Strategy within which aquaculture together with coastal tourism, marine biotechnology, ocean energy and sea bed mining sectors have a high potential for sustainable jobs and growth.

The principle of freedom

People are to be free in any form of thought and opinion without any form of victimisation because of his/her beliefs whether political, religious, sexual orientation or for any form of views that do not bring about any harm or damage to the community.

The principle of fairness and equity

We need a fairer, more inclusive society that protects the weakest, our pensioners, and families with low income and people with disabilities and those with serious illnesses who are unable to work.

Gender equality – equal pay and pensions for women.

Build social equity, support employee well-being and promote fair trade

The successful rehabilitation of prisoners, in my opinion, has three components. These components, healing, treatment and education to help inmates gain employment and flourish in society when released.

Rights to Health & Safety of workers and the removal of precarious payment which is a form of hidden poverty.

More Funds from the EU to be voted specifically for Animal Welfare - their protection, shelters and helping all organisations and sanctuaries.

Fighting for a truly Progressive European Society, with equitable and sustainable wellbeing for all will be a major goal in this respect.


Quick-fire Q&A

Do you agree with the creation of an EU army?    No

Should corporate taxation be harmonised across the European Union?    No. I support all measures meant to increase transparency in taxation affairs however, such measures should not end up impinging the existing right of EU member states to retain sovereignty over their tax systems.

Should children of refugees born on Maltese soil be entitled to Maltese citizenship?    Yes

Should MEPs have the power to veto decisions taken by the European Council?    Yes

Should Malta stop selling citizenship, which is also EU citizenship, under the IIP?    No

Should Turkey be a member of the EU?    No

Should border controls be reintroduced in Schengen countries?    No

Do you agree with a ‘Mare Nostrum’ style European rescue mission in the Mediterranean financed by the EU budget?    No