Cyrus Engerer | Working for Malta, means working to see our country’s reputation on top

Meet Labour candidate Cyrus Engerer

Knowing the institutions and the people within them is key to a successful term in the European Parliament. It all revolves around meetings and lobbying to reach your goals and represent Maltese citizens in the most effective way.

The work done as the Prime Minister’s Envoy and Head of Council’s relations with the European Parliament during the Maltese Presidency now needs to be converted in effective work for Malta.

After listening to people in door-to-door visits and in each and every square across the islands, these are the areas I wold like to contribute on in the coming five years:

For Malta, always and in all circumstances

Malta is beautiful. Malta is successful. Malta is a strong economy. Malta is a land of equal opportunity.

As a representative of those living in Malta, should I be given the mandate, I will always strive to put the interests of those living on our islands first and foremost, irrespective of who is in government.

Working for Malta, means working to see our country’s reputation on top, bringing more investment and more jobs for all. We have been rated as a top economy with top finances, our aim is to reach a top-rating on our democracy, rule of law and human rights. This can be achieved through the changes being proposed by government and with our lobbying across Europe.

For a sustainable future, our environment takes priority

Europe must remain at the forefront of our battle against climate change. Yes, it is important to see all our Member States committing themselves to our ambitious goals, but now it is time for climate action and for diplomatically convincing others like the United States and China to follow suit.

A clean and healthy environment results in a better standard of living and is less costly on our health systems. It’s time to once and for all end single-use plastics from our continent. Malta could become Europe’s benchmark, as Gozo will become the gold-standard on eliminating emissions from motor vehicles.

European Union funds must include a new priority focusing on the creation of open Green and open spaces across the Union.

Empowering Europe’s youth through connectivity

Europe means freedom. The freedom from wars, the freedom to move across the Union freely to study, work or retire. It must also become the continent of digital freedom.

It Is time for the European Union to lead the way in providing free data on mobile phones. We have all seen what Facebook managed to do in Africa, the European Union must be a leader in this regard.

Giving free data to youths on their mobile phones could be the first step which also opens the way for direct online dialogue between the institutions and Europe’s youth.

 This proposal would mean an additional investment of €5 billion on our youths aged 16 to 35, together with the €5 billion already being invested on Erasmus+.

Europe: the land of equal opportunity

It’s time to move from the ‘Unity in Diversity’ slogan of the European Union to actually becoming the land of equal opportunity for all.

It is unacceptable that European Union citizens living across the continent lose or win civil rights and liberties depending on which Member State they would be living in. Freedom of movement must be guaranteed for all, and equal rights must be given to all, whether one is living in Malta or Hungary, Portugal or Sweden.

We have become the benchmark on LGBTIQ+ rights and it is time for us to take our ideals forward to the rest of the European Union and our Southern neighbours in North Africa. Our advocacy work must begin in earnest and work for equality across our continent and in our region.

The gender pay gap is no longer acceptable. Equal pay for equal work must not only be enforced but incentives must be given to all employers to make sure that their workforce is treated equally.

People of all abilities have a lot to contribute to the future of our Union. Together, we are stronger.

EU funds directed at small states

While the debate on our accession to the European Union focused on EU-funding, in our fifteen years of membership we have never had a Maltese MEP sit on the committee that discusses the way that Structural and Cohesion funds can be used by the Union’s Member States and regions. It is time for a Maltese MEP to sit on the Regional Development Committee.

A one-size fits all situation is unacceptable on EU funding.  What applies to a German Local Council, NGO or company, employing thousand of workers cannot be applicable to a Maltese Local Council, NGO or company employing twenty or less people.

Hearing organisations say that they would never again apply for funding opportunities must be a thing of the past. As a Union we must differentiate in bureaucracy between multi-million projects and Projects with a costs below a million Euros.

It’s time for small states to make their voices heard.

Europe at the centre of our future

Malta’s future is in the European Union, but the European Union must become a better version of itself in the future.

Malta has never had an MEP sitting on the Committee discussing the future of the European Union, AFCO. It is imperative that the voice of small Member States is delivered and heard on any future Treaty changes.

It’s time to have a better functioning European Union that is closer to its citizens.

A Social European Union that elevates those stuck at the bottom.

A European Union of human rights and justice.

A European Union being the global leader against climate change and a better environment for all.

A European Union of state-of-the-art free health care for all.

A European Union with the best education systems.

A Europe of unity in diversity.


Quick-fire Q&A

Do you agree with the creation of an EU army?    No. Member State armies should collaborate together.

Should corporate taxation be harmonised across the European Union?    No

Should children of refugees born on Maltese soil be entitled to Maltese citizenship?    Yes, but It should not lead to citizenship to relatives.

Should MEPs have the power to veto decisions taken by the European Council?    No. The current system created a balance which should be maintained.

Should Malta stop selling citizenship, which is also EU citizenship, under the IIP?    No. I agree with Government’s programme, which is not necessarily the sale of citizenship.

Should Turkey be a member of the EU?    No, not until Turkey becomes a democracy that respects fundamental human rights.

Should border controls be reintroduced in Schengen countries?    No

Do you agree with a ‘Mare Nostrum’ style European rescue mission in the Mediterranean financed by the EU budget?    Yes