Muscat: Labour needs MEPs in the Miriam Dalli mould

Labour Party needs loyal and hardworking MEPs in the Miriam Dalli mould, Prime Minister says

Miriam Dalli
Miriam Dalli

Labour needs representatives like Miriam Dalli as MEPs, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said during a social activity organised by the MEP hopeful.

Muscat also emphasised how Labour MEPs would ideally all share the same determination, compassion and communication skills possessed by Miriam Dalli, adding that such attributes are  crucial for anyone vying to represent the country within the European Parliament.

Muscat reminded the audience of the difficult situations Dalli faced in her role as a journalist and head of the party’s newsroom, particularly during trying times such as when the party lost elections. 

He noted that during such occasions, Dalli was very often the ‘last person standing’ at the counting hall, having the dreaded role of informing viewers and party supporters of the party’s loss and having to soldier on giving the details of the electoral results as they progressed. 

The Labour leader went on to underline Dalli’s resilience and courage in such difficult circumstances, thanking the Labour candidate for her loyalty and hard work.

Also addressing the event was Parliamentary Secretary for EU Presidency and EU Funds Ian Borg who described Dalli as a person constantly willing to be of help to others, while keeping a sound work life balance. 

On her part, Dalli emphasised how Labour MEPs had, in the past legislature, worked in the interest of Maltese and Gozitan families in general without letting partisan interests influence their actions. 

She expressed her belief that Labour MEPs were best placed to voice the concerns of Maltese and Gozitan families within all EU institutions and urged all present to vote at the forthcoming elections and to do so as a sign of appreciation of the hard work being out in by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat in the best interest of the country.

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