Brexit: Free movement with EU will end in March 2019

Free movement of people between Britain and the European Union will end in March 2019 when Britain leaves the bloc, according to UK Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesperson

'Free movement will end in March 2019,' Theresa May's spokesperson said
'Free movement will end in March 2019,' Theresa May's spokesperson said

The UK government insisted on Monday that it remained committed to the tough Brexit negotiating stance that Prime Minister Theresa May set out in January – including an end to free movement from March 2019.

"Free movement will end in March 2019," May's spokesman told reporters, adding that the government had already set out some details including proposals on EU citizens rights post-Brexit.

"Other elements of the post-Brexit immigration system will be brought forward in due course, it would be wrong to speculate on what these might look like or to suggest that free movement will continue as it is now."

Last week British finance minister Philip Hammond said there should be no immediate change to immigration rules when Britain leaves the bloc.

After members of May's top team have appeared to contradict each other in recent days over the government's Brexit plans, the spokesman also said the government position on Brexit remains as set out by the Prime Minister in January.

In the Lancaster House speech, May said that the UK would seek an agreement on various issues in Brexit negotiations, but held out the possibility that the UK might leave the EU without reaching a conclusive deal.

Details of a post-Brexit implementation period were a matter for negotiations, the spokesperson added, but Britain is not seeking an "off-the-shelf" solution. The Financial Times reported last week that Hammond hoped for an "off-the-shelf" transition deal.

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