[READ] Maltese government reply to MEPs on rule of law mission

The full document: the Maltese governnment's reply to the conclusions of MEPs during their rule of law mission to Malta

MEPs meeting Prime Minister Joseph Muscat at Castle
MEPs meeting Prime Minister Joseph Muscat at Castle

The mission report issued by MEPs investigating the rule of law in Malta originally called for Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri to be removed from public office, investigated and brought to justice.

This document is the government's reply to that report. The response states the government has doubts as to legality of the ad hoc delegation and “reserves all and any rights in this respect”.

A first reaction has come from Nationalist MEP David Cas: “The government’s attempt to justify the failings found in the Mission Report is a joke. The author must be hoping MEPs do not have access to the internet and basic analytical skills. The document issued by the government suggests that no action whatsoever was taken by the Police because 'there were not sufficient grounds to suspect criminal activity' and that an investigation would have 'clearly been a waste of police resources. 

“The attempt to belittle the relevance of FIAU reports on the basis of which magisterial inquiries are currently ongoing is outrageous.  This document is an embarrassment. MEPs have followed the Panama Papers and read the FIAU reports. Providing such pathetic explanations will only be counterproductive,” Casa said.

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