Catalan separatist leaders detained after clashes

Protesters clashed with police as the Spanish Supreme Court stepped up legal action against Catalan separatist leaders. 

Protesters tried to push through police lines
Protesters tried to push through police lines

Thousands took to the streets in protest against the decision, to set-up legal action against Catalan independence leaders, by the Supreme Court in Madrid.

The rallies had been organised by the leaders prior to the decision, but the announcement of the legal action seemed to infuriate the crowd.

Police were confronted near federal buildings in Barcelona, as riot batons were used to disperse the hot-headed crowds.

Tensions were turned into violence as protesters tried to break through police lines.

Spain’s Supreme Court ruled that 25 Catalan independence leaders should be tried for rebellion, disobeying and embezzling the state.

One of five Catalan leaders, detained without bail for involvement in the banned independence referendum in October, was Jordi Turull, who was subject to a vote in the Catalan parliament on Saturday for regional president.

"There are two million people who want to leave Spain and they can't put us all in prison,” a protester said. 

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