Roberta Metsola is Malta’s most active MEP

Nationalist MEP Roberta Metsola and Labour MEP Miriam Dalli were both fourth most active in their respective political groupings, according to

Roberta Metsola
Roberta Metsola

Roberta Metsola has been named as Malta’s most active MEP by a ranking website that analysed activities undertaken by lawmakers in the legislature that has just ended.

The Nationalist Party MEP placed fourth within her political grouping, the European People’s Party, and 27 within the European Parliament.

She topped the list of Maltese MEPs.

Miriam Dalli
Miriam Dalli

The website also put Labour MEP Miriam Dalli in fourth place within her political grouping, the Socialists and Democrats, and 38 overall. She ranked second among Maltese MEPs.

The rankings are based on the publicly available performance parameters, taking into account several factors, including the number of reports drawn, statements made, roles fulfilled and attendance records.

The results were released today, covering the five-year term that ended earlier this month.

Metsola ranked fourth within the EPP behind outgoing EP president Antonio Tajani, group chair Manfred Weber and British MEP Julie Girling.

Within her political family, Dalli came behind Spanish MEP Eider Gardiazabal Rubial, Romanian Ioan Pascu and British MEP Claude Moraes.

Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi, who is not seeking re-election, ranked 29 in the S&D group and 146 overall. She was followed by PN MEP David Casa (59 in EPP and 262 overall), PL MEP Alfred Sant (139 in S&D and 548 overall) and PN MEP Francis Zammit Dimech (177 in EPP and 612 overall).

Zammit Dimech was only elected MEP through a casual election in 2017 after Therese Comodini Cachia resigned to take up a seat in the Maltese parliament.

Metsola and Dalli

During this legislature, Metsola managed to pass a new EU border security law that will see 10,000 additional border guards at Europe’s external borders.

In a short comment she said it was always nice to have acknowledgement of the work done and an honour to be recognised by an authoritive forum.

“Even if we may not always agree, every Maltese MEP works hard for the people we represent. When I was elected as a Member of the European Parliament, I promised Maltese and Gozitans, that I will represent all their interests, work hard, and always stand up for the values that distinguish us as Maltese and I’m pleased this has been recognised today. Now it’s back to work.”

Dalli was instrumental during this legislature to get through legislation enforces cuts in CO2 emissions from cars as part of a drive to fight climate change.

The Labour MEP was recently ranked 28 in a list of the 100 most influential lawmakers by Vote Watch Europe.


MEP Ranking within political group Overall ranking
Roberta Metsola   4 in EPP 27 in EP
Miriam Dalli  4 in S&D 38 in EP
Marlene Mizzi  29 in S&D 146 in EP
David Casa 59 in EPP 262 in EP
Alfred Sant  139 in S&D 548 in EP
Francis Zammit Dimech 177 in EPP 612 in EP


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