Kristy Debono resigns from PN general council president

Kristy Debono has stepped down from PN general council president 'in light of the circumstances that have developed'

Nationalist Party MP Kristy Debono has resigned from her party role in the aftermath of open rebellion by a majority of PN MPs against leader Adrian Delia.

The PN’s general council president announced her resignation on a Facebook post on Thursday afternoon, where she divulged the letter she sent general secretary Clyde Puli and Delia.

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Debono said that the reason for her resignation is to make way for new individuals to occupy the party’s highest positions.

“More than ever before, the party needs to unite and strengthen so as to become relevant and provide an alternative government, while opening its doors for new people and new ideas,” she said.

Debono committed herself to more work within the party on a district and parliamentary level.

“In light of circumstances that have developed in recent days within the Nationalist Party, and following my personal reflections on what had been said during the parliamentary group meeting yesterday, I am resigning from my post as President of the General Council,” Debono said.

Kristy Debono’s resignation comes on the back of Robert Arrigo’s announcement that he will be resigning from PN deputy leader later this year.

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