[WATCH] Robert Arrigo’s parting shot: ‘The aim to oust has now turned to destruction of the party’

READ | Robert Arrigo's sardonic message to members of the PN parliamentary group • All MPs have to shoulder responsibility

PN deputy leader Robert Arrigo (Photo: James Bianchi/MediaToday)
PN deputy leader Robert Arrigo (Photo: James Bianchi/MediaToday)

Updated at 3:53pm with video comment of Arrigo

Robert Arrigo did not mince his words in a parting message to fellow MPs, warning that the “aim to oust has now turned to destruction of the party”.

The PN deputy leader announced that he will be stepping down at the next general council or the fund-raising marathon, whichever comes last, and in a sardonic tone invites them to “go ahead, take the party over, and make it work”. “It is so easy,” he added.

In a lengthy message, Arrigo said the parliamentary group’s “aim to oust” had now turned into “destruction of the party”.

In comments to MaltaToday outside PN headquarters on Thursday afternoon, Arrigo said "everyone was focussed on Adrian Delia" but it was all the parliamentary group that had to shoulder responsibility.

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This is the full text of the message Arrigo sent to MPs and which was leaked to MaltaToday.


Hi all

I ride on the leaked letter of Therese. Anybody can leak this email. But please state my name as I don’t hide under anonymity.

It is clear that the pg [parliamentary group] agenda was provoked by drip information to certain media.

Headlines saying that Claudio Grech report has gained ground, without this being shown or discussed at amministrattiv or eżekuttiv, confirms.

I heard pussyfooting of taking a step sideways, forward, or back. It’s the language my 4-year granddaughter tells me after her ballet lessons.

For 30 dismal months, the pg has made everybody's life miserable. No creation but destruction. Ultimately, it’s a destruction of our party.

Nobody yesterday stood up, raised his/her hand, and stated, ‘I want you out’, being 1/2/3/4 persons. We could have repeated the famous, well attended pg confidence meetings.

Therese is now clear. Tmexxija means all of us 4.

Therefore, I am announcing that I will step down from viċi kap on the last planned event. The kunsill ġenerali or the maratona, which is the latest.

I do not wish to shadow any subject.

Do continue your boycott of events, as this will accelerate the impossibility of the party to survive.

The foul mouthing of new candidates has already started too. Who else can the party attract?

This, my stopping, is in stark contrast to others, who, in the past ran out, escaped, leaving the party in shambles.

The gurus can move in, as they are talented and not mediocre as was told by Claudio.

The aim to oust has now turned to destruction of the party.

I did not vote for Adrian. The truth must be said. He is a humane, bright, intelligent person who had a tsunami against him. No wonder other leaders asked him to contest kunsilli, MEPs and general. Certainly, he is slow in deciding on difficult internal issues.

Clyde, so much hours put in.

David has his own way too.

Me, full of defects, ably aided by a crowdfunding mirage.

When you realise we paid up il-palazz marbles for madum ordered by J Saliba [ostensibly the former general secretary Joe Saliba], when broadcasting licences were unpaid for 5 years (177k). When prs payments never done, when 2008 election bills ignored, u will realise this is the tip of huge uncared of problems.

Hatred is now ingrained. All strata of the party are contaminated.

This pg has never asked the question, hey we are all here, what are we going to do together to better results?

As a creator of ideas, successful in every sphere of my life, what I see, is totally opposite.

Go ahead, take the party over, and make it work. It is so easy.

So much to say, but wish to restrain myself

Kindly do not call, or answer as my statement here is clear, blunt and readable.

Proud to be PN, and served 26 years from mayor to all sorts of jobs within. Proud to have withstood hatred from Gonzi and Austin,

Put in the freezer, and kept fresh ...🤪

Wish the pretender, good luck.