[WATCH] Building collapse: ‘Nobody will enjoy impunity,’ Robert Abela says

Prime Minister urges police to take all necessary action swiftly • Building regulations will be reviewed

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela
Building collapse: ‘Nobody will enjoy impunity,’ Robert Abela says

Robert Abela has insisted “nobody will enjoy impunity” and has urged the police to take all necessary action after a woman died when her building collapsed.

The Prime Minister confirmed that four people connected to an adjacent construction site were arrested by the police.

Miriam Pace, 54, died after she was buried under the rubble of her house that collapsed on Monday.

The project’s architect, the site technical officer and two people who were working on the construction site were arrested as part of the police investigation.

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Abela was asked about the incident, while on his way into Castille for a Cabinet meeting that is expected to discuss the tragedy.

The incident has caused widespread anger at what many believe is the impunity enjoyed by the construction industry.

Abela expressed solidarity with the victim’s family and described the situation as “serious” and that he was concerned.

He urged the police to take immediate action and bring to justice anybody who may be responsible for the Pace’s death.

Asked whether the government’s actions last year to change the rules governing excavation and demolition were enough, Abela said the government will review the regulations.

“We have to see whether the rules are enough but the most important thing is to ensure that what happened yesterday does not happen again… a woman was killed,” Abela said.