[WATCH] Robert Abela sets up committee to review building rules and practices

Prime Minister skirts question as to whether minister Ian Borg should resign following fatal construction incident • No moratorium on excavation work

Robert Abela addressing a press conference at Castille
Robert Abela addressing a press conference at Castille

Robert Abela has set up a committee to review the rules governing the building industry and its practices in the wake of Monday’s fatal tragedy.

The Prime Minister, however, shied away from ordering a moratorium on demolition and excavation work pending the review.

Abela said he will be asking the relevant authorities to carry out more inspections and ensure that construction work is carried out according to correct practice.

The committee will be chaired by retired judge Lawrence Quintano and includes geo-technical engineer Adrian Mifsud, architect Mario Cassar and lawyer Mark Simiana.

The committee is expected to take stock of the situation and propose changes to the regulatory set up.

Abela did not give a timeline for the committee to conclude its work but insisted he would be asking them to do so urgently.

The Prime Minister skirted a question as to whether Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg, who last year piloted rule changes following a series of building collapses, should resign for promising peace of mind.

Abela was addressing a press conference at Castille.

On Monday, Miriam Pace, 54, was killed after her house collapsed.

Abela said it was clear that the cause of the collapse was linked to adjacent construction work in a site where excavation was taking place.

He said that the magisterial inquiry and the police investigation into the incident were progressing well and he expected anybody responsible for what happened to be brought to justice.