Minister ‘impressed’ by abortion rate grants €130,000 to pro-life shelter

Minister ‘impressed’ by rate of abortions taking place outside Malta after visiting shelter that offers counselling services, grants €130,000 on three-year basis

Social Solidarity Minister Michael Falzon
Social Solidarity Minister Michael Falzon

The ministry for social solidarity has donated €130,000 to ‘Dar t’Għanniqa ta’ Omm’, a shelter administered by the pro-life Life Network Foundation.

The residence helps mothers who are considering an abortion.  

In a statement the ministry said the donation, spread over three years, will help in covering costs related to workers’ wages, maintenance, every day expenses and staff training.

Minister Michael Falzon said the idea for the social agreement stemmed from a visit he had at the residence last January, saying he had been impressed by the number of cases of abortion which happen in other countries. “Despite government’s budget having already been drawn up, we still managed to secure funds for this project,” he said.

According to the ministry, the Life Network Foundation carried out 570 hours of counselling with pregnant women, made 38 donations to families in need, assisted five women during their maternity program, four babies were birthed at the shelter and are currently assisting nine pregnant women.