PN at war with itself: ‘Great start for a wannabe,’ Arrigo hits out at Comodini Cachia

PN deputy leader Robert Arrigo accuses Therese Comodini Cachia of lying on television when she claimed that she never asked for his resignation

PN Deputy Leader Robert Arrrigo
PN Deputy Leader Robert Arrrigo

Robert Arrigo has accused fellow MP Therese Comodini Cachia of lying on television when she claimed that she never asked for his resignation.

The deputy Nationalist Party leader published on his Facebook wall an email sent to leader Adrian Delia by Comodini Cachia on 6 February 2020, in which she asked for the leadership to move sideways.

“This means you and all other members of tmexxija need to move sideways, and then each of us whatever role we have in the party need to see how best to act within the party,” the email read, qualifying that the leadership had to depart in an orderly way.

Publishing the relevant paragraphs of Therese's email sent on 6th February 2020. Yesterday's Realta answers were...

Posted by Robert Arrigo on Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Arrigo was reacting after comments Comodini Cachia made on TVM's Realta on Monday. She was asked by programme host Brian Hansford to react to a dig Arrigo took at her after the publication of Sunday's MaltaToday survey.

Comodini Cachia said she never asked for Arrigo's resignation, insisting that the deputy leader may have misunderstood the contents of an email she forwarded to the party leader and parliamentary group last February.

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Arrigo was unrepentent: “Yesterday's Realta answers were untrue. Great start for a wannabee. I avoided other attributes that Therese chose to write about me. The hunger of a takeover is so great and now even dangerous.”

In the February email, Comodini Cachia asked the leadership team to "reconsider" their position and understand the message delivered by the parliamentary group that the "tmexxija needs to move sideways".

At the time, Delia faced an internal mutiny in the parliamentary group after a dismal performance in the first MaltaToday survey after the political turmoil that hounded government.

Arrigo’s post on Tuesday follows another one he posted on Monday evening.

“Therese at least confirmed that she did send the email to ask for my removal. She was specific. There is no leakage. Don't blame others like you do with others. You've hurt me, no excuses,” Arrigo said.

Arrigo had considered resigning at the start of the year but desisted from doing so.