Education minister facing mounting pressure by parents over schools’ reopening

Parents concerned over the reopening of schools as COVID-19 cases continue to rise  

Education minister Owen Bonnici is facing mounting pressure made by student’s parents, particularly from those with disabled children over the reopening of schools.

Sister newspaper, Illum, reported that according to government sources, the education minister and the rest of Government are worried about parents’ concern.

Should schools re-open, parents insist their children will not be sent to school, despite this being illegal.  

Oliver Scicluna, from the National Commission of Disabled People, reiterated this concern,  but stated that schools are necessary for children deemed medically fit. 

Sources told the newspaper that despite the justifiable worries, the plan for schools to re-open at the end of September is still in place.

Sources close to the Education Minister added that while there are a number of cases, indications show the virus is being treated

Bonnici had raised this issue during the last Cabinet meeting, in which he stressed the importance of stabilising the number of new COVID-19 cases for parents to be able to send their children to school with their mind at rest. 

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education established a school syllabus leading up to January, meaning that if classes or schools close before January, students may fall back on this plan.

Oliver Scicluna reiterated that certain activities cannot be held at home especially for autistic students or students with special needs.

“I hope schools open and there are the necessary preventive measures in place,” Scicluna concluded.

Government sources said the majority of teachers and parents alike are hoping for schools’ opening.  

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