Bedingfield joins Opposition in wishing Metsola well: ‘We hope she uses role for good of Malta’

Has the ice thawed? Government Whip Glenn Bedingfield joins Opposition counterpart in congratulating Roberta Metsola for her new European Parliament role but hopes she uses the position for the good of Malta

Labour Whip Glenn Bedingfield
Labour Whip Glenn Bedingfield

Labour Whip Glenn Bedingfield has wished Roberta Metsola well in her new European Parliament role despite the cold shoulder she has been shown by the Prime Minister.

On behalf of government MPs, Bedingfield stood up in parliament on Monday afternoon to join Opposition Whip Robert Cutajar in wishing Metsola well.

But Bedingfield’s reaction also came with a proviso: “We hope she uses the role for the good of Malta.”

Metsola was elected First Vice President of the European Parliament last week, the second most important role in the parliament and the highest ever occupied by a Maltese MEP.

Prime Minister Robert Abela has refused to congratulate Metsola on the prestigious post. Earlier on Monday he justified his stand on the basis of what he described as Metsola's “crusade” against the golden passport scheme.

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In parliament on Monday, Nationalist Party Whip Robert Cutajar stood up to congratulate the MEP. “The Opposition congratulates Roberta Metsola and wishes her well,” Cutajar said before being joined by Bedingfield.

Speaker Anġlu Farrugia also congratulated Metsola.