State-organised funeral for Oliver Friggieri, giant of Maltese literature

Maltese government announces it will organise the funeral for Oliver Friggieri as tribute to the poet and writer

Oliver Friggieri
Oliver Friggieri

Government has decided to help organise the funeral for poet and novelist Oliver Friggieri for his “extraordinary contributions” to Malta and its people.

“Professor Frigieri was not only a prolific writer and giant in Maltese literature, but his works translated into various languages have also gained international recognition,” a press statement read.

After taking the decision yesterday, the Office of the Prime Minister contacted the family of Professor Friggieri to make the necessary arrangements together for the organisation of the funeral. The decision is one step short of a State funeral, normally reserved for former prime ministers and presidents.

Tributes poured in yesterday after news broke of Friggieri's passing.  Prof. Adrian Grima saluted Friggieri as having almost single-handedly established Maltese literary theory and criticism as an academic discipline, while TV presenter Peppi Azzopardi described him as “poet in Parliament, the village square, the university, the dockyard and the factory.”

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More details of his funeral will be announced later.