Newly-elected MP Gavin Gulia resigns, opens up Labour co-option

Gavin Gulia resigns from MP to stay on as MTA chair

Gavin Gulia will stay on as head of the Malta Tourism Authority
Gavin Gulia will stay on as head of the Malta Tourism Authority

Gavin Gulia has penned his resignation from MP to stay on as Malta Tourism Authority chairman. 

The announcement came on Wednesday afternoon, while Gulia was supposed to be taking his oath of office. 

The decision to stay on as MTA chairman opens up the Labour Party for a co-option to fill the vacated seat.

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Gavin Gulia won the casual election for the 7th District seat vacated by Edward Scicluna after obtaining 2,216 votes in a runoff with Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando. At the final count Gulia obtained 466 more votes than Pullicino Orlando. The other candidate vying for the seat, Charles Azzopardi, was the first to be eliminated.

On the first count Azzopardi inherited 1,028 votes. He was eliminated. Gavin Gulia inherited 1,486 votes, while Pullicino Orlando received 1,479 votes, taking the casual election down to the wire.

Since the 2017 general election, Azzopardi fell out with Labour after he was not allowed to contest the 2019 local elections on its behalf following allegations of corruption and nepotism during his tenure as Rabat mayor. A police investigation was carried out into the claims, but no charges have been filed against him.

Gulia had previously served as an MP and minister but failed to get re-elected in 2017.

Pullicino Orlando, a former PN MP, defected to the Labour Party after falling out with the Gonzi administration in 2012.

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