Malta currently has 56 electric vehicle charging points – PQ

Malta has 56 government owned charging pillars which translate into 102 charging points

Government has 56 charging pillars installed across Malta and Gozo.

The information was tabled in parliament by Energy Minister Miriam Dalli in reply to a question by Nationalist MP Ryan Callus.

46 of the charging pillars have two charging points, while the remaining 10 have just one charging point. This means there are 102 charging points which fall under the ministry’s remit.

Dalli was also asked by Callus for the number of electric vehicles which are being used by government ministries and entities. 

She said the Energy Ministry is currently making use of six electric vehicles. She did not present figures on electric vehicles being used by other ministries or entities. 

The cars are three ‘Nissan Leaf’, one ‘Peugeot Ion’, one ‘Fiat’ Forklifter and one ‘Reddot’ Forklifter.

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