Prime Minister's inaction on Rosianne Cutajar leading to impunity, PN says

The Nationalist Party says Prime Minister Robert Abela must act on reports that the parliamentary secretary pocketed a broker’s fee of an Mdina property sold to Yorgen Fenech

Labour MP Rosianne Cutajar
Labour MP Rosianne Cutajar

The Nationalist Party has said that Prime Minister Robert Abela’s inaction over claims surrounding parliamentary secretary Rosianne Cutajar are leading to impunity.

The Times of Malta on Sunday reported that Cutajar had pocketed €9,000 from a €3.1 million Mdina property deal with Tumas magnate and alleged Daphne Caruana Galizia murder mastermind, Yorgen Fenech.

Last December MaltaToday had reported that Cutajar and her political aide had received some €100,000 in brokers’ fees for the sale of the Mdina property.

The property transaction was officially carried out with a fiduciary company run by Pierre Lofaro, the husband of Judge Abigail Lofaro. The latter is one of the judges who accepted to sit on the board of inquiry instituted in November 2019 into the State’s actions in the run-up to the journalist’s assassination.

Standards czar George Hyzler is investigating the case.

The PN said that through his inaction, Abela is permitting and accepting lack of ethics from a member of the Labour cabinet.

“The PN appeals to Robert Abela to choose the national interest, and act to fix the country’s huge reputational damage,” a statement read.

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