State recycling agency rebranded to Circular Economy Malta

Rebrand reflects shift towards the circular economy in Malta’s wider waste management plans

Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia (Photo: DOI)
Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia (Photo: DOI)

The agency previously known as the Resource Recovery and Recycling Agency is being renamed to Circular Economy Malta (CEMalta) to promote the continual use of resources.

Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia said that CEMalta will strive to align Malta to the principles of Extended Producer Responsibility, a policy approach in which producers assume responsibility for managing the disposal of products they produce once those products ae no longer useful by consumers.

“Through this effort we will reduce the pressure on the natural environment around us, we will improve the security of our resources and we will see our country become more competitive and more resilient,” the Minister said.

CEMalta will be working on a number of projects and initiatives, including the beverage container refund scheme, end-of-life waste tyres, construction waste, food waste, and textile waste.

The minister said that a number of reverse vending machines are set to be distributed across the Maltese islands, allowing consumers to familiarise themselves with the CEMalta-administered Beverage Container Refund Scheme.

Farrugia added that food waste is another stream that needs to be addressed.

“Through the diversion of such waste streams from ending up in landfills, they could easily be used for the benefit of society in general. To this end, the Agency together with the Ministry shall be supporting the utilisation of digital channels and applications for food redistribution initiatives and food sharing initiatives within communities,” the minister said.