Book council chairman to publish tell-all on Labour Party and Malta's political crisis

NBC chairman Mark Camilleri said that his book on Malta's 'political and financial crisis' will be published next October

National Book Council Chairman Mark Camilleri
National Book Council Chairman Mark Camilleri

The Chairman of Malta's National Book Council has announced that he will be publishing a book on Malta's "current political and financial crisis", with publication set for next October.

Mark Camilleri took to Facebook to make the announcement, explaining that he felt the need to do his part to help clean the mess.

"It took me a while to decide to write it because the book will reveal many new facts previously not yet told about corruption and the Government. These facts may (hopefully) lead to new arrests and police investigations," he wrote.

Good morning. Today, I would like to announce I will be publishing a book on Malta's current political and financial...

Posted by Mark Camilleri on Monday, July 19, 2021

"Currently, the country is in a downward spiral, politically and financially, while we experience a crisis both in governance and the economy. Labour politicians take comfort in the fact that the Labour Party has a big majority of the electorate and will win the next elections come what may, and nothing else matters."

"Values in politics have been decimated and the progressive values of the Labour Party are diminishing altogether," he continued.

Camilleri, himself a Labour delegate, was installed by the Labour government of 2013 in the position of executive chair of the National Book Council after leading a successful anti-censorship campaign in the preceding years.

However, he has never shied away from being his own government’s critic. In 2018, he declared he was embarrassed at the revelations that the secret company 17 Black was set up to send funds to the secret Panama companies owned by Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi.

“Since there is now clear evidence that they [Mizzi and Schembri] have laundered money, it should be obvious that, first of all they should resign – that’s the least they could do,” he said in April 2018.