Abela must denounce Muscat, Grech says but stops short of demanding election

Bernard Grech says PM must sack Joseph Muscat from Labour and strip former prime minister of all national honours for having fostered ‘culture of impunity’

Opposition leader Bernard Grech
Opposition leader Bernard Grech

The leader of the Opposition Bernard Grech has called on Prime Minister Robert Abela to denounce Joseph Muscat. 

“Today’s conclusions show us that the state was responsible for the impunity which led to her murder, and criminals were assured that their tracks were covered,” he said. 

Conclusion from the public inquiry into Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder said the State has to bear responsibility for her death for having “created an atmosphere of impunity, generated by the highest echelons at the heart of Castille and which, like an octopus, spread to other entities and regulators and the Police, leading to the collapse of rule of law.”

Grech insisted that Abela was an accomplice to these acts, having formed part of Muscat’s cabinet during the time of her death. 

The PN leader said that MPs who held cabinet roles in 2017, have to shoulder their responsibility and resign. 

“Let’s see what excuse he will find to keep them on,” Grech said. 

He also said that Abela should distance himself from the “Muscat legacy” and remove him from the Labour Party. “Only then will we start moving on from this chapter.” 

He also said the PM should apologise to the slain journalist’s family following the inquiry conclusions. 

Bernard Grech also called on the PM to ensure that the police commissioner carries out his duties, and charge those involved. 

Fielding questions from the press, Grech said an election would not be a solution to the country’s current issues. “Look at what happened to Muscat, the problems didn’t go away, but continued to pile up.” 

Grech said the PN will endorse tonight’s protest by civil society group Repubblika.