MPs bicker as Konrad Mizzi is summoned to PAC on Tuesday

Public Accounts Committee to meet again next week after Konrad Mizzi no-show

MPs from both sides of the House bickered on Wednesday over Konrad Mizzi's no-show in front of the Public Accounts Committee.

Mizzi was due to testify on the Electrogas power station contract during the PAC meeting but said in a Facebook post that he would not be showing up since his lawyer was not available.

PAC chair Beppe Fenech Adami proposed the committee meet on Friday “to make up for the time lost” today.

PN MP Karol Aquilina agreed, insisting a two-day notice was more than enough time for Mizzi to inform his lawyer.

Government MPs sitting on the committee said that while they would agree with Mizzi being called to testify again, added that deciding on a date without informing Mizzi risked creating the same situation.

Speaking on Mizzi’s post, Fenech Adami said he could not understand Mizzi. “It’s as if he is still part of the Labour Party.”

Labour Whip Glenn Bedingfield also called out Fenech Adami for yesterday presenting a motion in parliament on Mizzi’s testimony, claiming he tried to “twist parliamentary rules” for his own personal interest.

“You were wrong in doing so. I understand there was the media in parliament yesterday, and you wanted to make a show, but it was wrong,” Bedingfield said.

He also called out Fenech Adami for “intentionally” leaving out details on another witness who could not appear before the committee – Electrogas shareholder Paul Apap Bologna – after it was revealed his lawyer was involved in a serious accident.

“I had expected Konrad Mizzi to come here, say who his lawyer is, and we decide on a way forward together,” Fenech Adami hit back.

After the committee meeting was suspended to discuss details on Apap Bologna’s situation, the committee decided the meeting should resume next week on Tuesday at 2pm.

Paul Apap Bologna and Konrad Mizzi will be required to attend the meeting.

Konrad Mizzi no-show

Mizzi said his lawyer could not attend the hearing on Wednesday.

“It is within my rights to be assisted by a trusted lawyer during the committee meeting,” he said, defending his decision not to attend.

Calling out PN MP Beppe Fenech Adami, who chairs the PAC, Mizzi said he would not allow the committee to become a “political exercise” to put the Labour Party in a bad light, assuring him he would be attending.

“I will not allow you to turn this committee into a partisan political exercise to obscure the work carried out by the Labour government and the benefits of this project,” he said on Facebook.

Mizzi had refused to attend the PAC on two previous occasions.