[WATCH] Prime Minister rules out 2021 election

The election date will be dictated by the national interest, he insists

Prime Minister Robert Abela. (Photo: James Bianchi/MediaToday)
Prime Minister Robert Abela. (Photo: James Bianchi/MediaToday)

The Prime Minister Robert Abela has ruled out an early general election, saying it is not in the national interest. 

“The election is on everyone’s mind because we have an opposition leader who wanted to create uncertainty when he saw businesses and the country doing well,” Abela said. 

For the last three months, the PM had teased at a possible early election, refusing to answer journalists’ questions on the possibility of Malta heading to the polls before 2022. 

He said people should have “a good Christmas” with their families, while the country continues its vaccine roll out.  

“I understand the PN will be disappointed with my statement, but it should be the party who solves its own internal issues, without prejudicing the country’s interest,” he said.

Seifert Systems announces investment 

The Prime Minister was speaking during the announcement of an €8 million investment by air conditioning system supplier Seifert Systems. 

The company will be building environmentally-friendly extension to their plant at Hal Far. 

The plant will be the first carbon-neutral factory in the island. 

“This transition not only beneficial for a better quality of life, but provides new opportunities for the country,” he said.