PN warns Electrogas contract jeopardises EU gas pipeline funds

The Nationalist Party says it is unacceptable for European funds to go towards Electrogas, on a contract 'tainted in corruption and blood' • Calls on government to scrap Electrogas deal

The PN wants the Electrogas deal to be scrapped and accuses the government of risking EU funds
The PN wants the Electrogas deal to be scrapped and accuses the government of risking EU funds

The Nationalist Party wants the government to scrap the Electrogas contract and not jeopardise EU funds for the gas pipeline project.

The party accused the government of risking EU funds for the project in a statement on Thursday, which followed earlier objections by Matthew Caruana Galizia.

“The Labour government should not expect the EU to finance a man accused of murdering a journalist who exposed corruption related to this very deal. It is unacceptable for any funds to go towards compensating Electrogas shareholders on a contract that should have been scrapped long ago because it is tainted by corruption and blood,” the PN said.

Earlier on Thursday, Energy Minister Miriam Dalli defended plans to tap into EU funds for a hydrogen-ready gas pipeline but acknowledged Electrogas will receive a payout in 2028 for assets that it will pass on to the government.

The PN said it always supported the concept of a hydrogen-ready gas pipeline, which will help Malta diversify its energy supply.

The party said that in government it would do everything possible to clean Malta's energy, not only through the increased use of renewables, but by severing the ties with the Electrogas "corrupt deal".

"We also renew our commitment to refund all consumers who continue being cheated in their electricity bills by the billing practice introduced by this government," the PN said. "A PN government led by Bernard Grech will give Malta clean energy that is not tainted with pollution, corruption or theft."

Matthew Caruana Galizia rubbishes claims 

In a statement on social media, Matthew Caruana Galizia, rubbished claims by the Energy Minister that the EU funding is for a hydrogen pipeline.

"If it truly wants a hydrogen pipeline, it would simply ask for funding for a hydrogen pipeline. What it is asking for is an exemption from rules against the funding of fossil fuel projects. Why would it need such an exemption for a hydrogen pipeline?," Caruana Galizia asked.

"But as an MEP said, it doesn't matter if the funding is for solar, wind, gas or gluten free, vegan fuel. If you used corruption and violence to get the country into a deal that makes no sense, you shouldn't be rewarded for it."