Demotivation within police force jeopardising national security, says PN

PN said that Maltese and Gozitan residents are feeling less secure and have less confidence in the police force

PN MPs Joe Giglio (left) and Alex Borg
PN MPs Joe Giglio (left) and Alex Borg

The Nationalist Party said that a sense of demotivation was reigning within the police force, which was jeopardising the national security.

In a press conference on Wednesday, PN Home Affairs spokesperson Joe Giglio said that many officers were leaving the force before the retirement age and were not being replaced by new recruits.

“There are not enough officials to keep up with the work and as a consequence, officers are overstretched, overworked, and underpaid,” Giglio said.

Giglio mentioned the earlier incident, where an off-duty police officer was injured during a car chase, and thanked the officer for his service.

“The Nationalist Party’s call is for conditions to be improved, not only to sustain the current officers but also to attract talented individuals to the corps,” Giglio said.

“The current dire situation negatively impacts the national security. We are witnessing various violent incidents and the sense of security in the country is diminishing.”

PN MP Alex Borg said that the lack of security was being felt in Gozo, with multiple incidents leading to tension and a lack of confidence in the police.

“There is a lack of police presence in Gozo but I don’t blame the officers. I actually admire them for their work despite the lack of resources and finances,” Borg said.

He said that in places like Marsalforn and Xlendi, residents were in constant fear, due to recent “multicultural changes”, which he said were leading to more criminality, fights, and drug and alcohol abuse.

“It is a right of the citizens and a government responsibility to offer a sense of comfort and security to the residents. The responsibility falls in the hands of the Police Commissioner and the Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri. They need to react and take action.”

“We want to work hand in hand with the government, but it has to act now,” Borg said.