Eddie Fenech Adami to be discharged from hospital on Saturday

The former prime minister and president was admitted to hospital on Friday after fainting at home

Eddie Fenech Adami
Eddie Fenech Adami

Former prime minister and president Eddie Fenech Adami, 88, will be discharged from hospital on Saturday, a day after he collapsed.

Fenech Adami was admitted to Mater Dei Hospital on Friday after fainting at home, his son Nationalist MP Beppe Fenech Adami told MaltaToday.

The former PM underwent several tests and was being kept under observation.

Eddie Fenech Adami was elected Nationalist leader in 1977, going on to become PM in 1987. In the 1980’s he led the popular resistance to the Labour government of the time, after the perverse result of the 1981 election.

In 1996, the PN lost the election, to a resurgent Labour Party under former prime minister Alfred Sant. However, Eddie Fenech Adami was returned to Castille 22 months later after the collapse of Sant’s government.

He successfully won a referendum and subsequent election in 2003 to cement Malta’s entry into the EU.

Eddie Fenech Adami stepped down from prime minister in 2004 and was subsequently appointed president of the republic.