Bernard Grech insists Robert Abela is introducing abortion to boost PL majority

The Opposition leader said that a PN led by him was the only pro-life political force in the country

Opposition leader Bernard Grech
Opposition leader Bernard Grech

PN and Opposition leader Bernard Grech urged everyone to take a stand against and speak out against what he called - Prime Minister Robert Abela's attempt to introduce abortion in Malta.

Interviewed on NET TV on Sunday morning, Grech said that the PN parliamentary group unanimously agreed on the party’s position against the government’s proposed legal amendments to legally permit doctors to terminate a pregnancy when the mother’s life and health are in peril.

“We came out strongly and clearly against the law proposed by the government. This is the introduction of abortion in our country,” Grech said.

He referenced a position paper against the law, issued by 81 academics, saying that experts in the field have expressed their concerns.

“Robert Abela wants to introduce abortion and is lying about it. He is unprincipled and only takes decisions in order to boost PL’s majority,” Grech said.

The PN leader stated that Health and Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne was the one pulling the strings in Government, saying that the Labour Party was split in two.

“This issue has no political colours but it’s only about the value of life. This country only has one party, one political force that speaks in favour of life and against abortion and that is the Nationalist Party led by me.”

Grech said that the practice of doctors terminating a pregnancy to safeguard a mother’s life, has been present for decades and that the government’s proposal was going beyond that.

He encouraged everyone to sign a petition against the legal amendment that was going around and to write on social media and make their voices heard.


With regards to the latest femicide in the country, that of Bernice Cassar, Grech said that Malta had evidently failed women.

He said that respect towards women had to start at home and in families and that the mentality that women were lesser than men had to change.

Grech however blamed the government for court delays and lack of resources in the judiciary, questioning how it was impossible for one Magistrate to oversee all domestic violence cases.

“Today it’s the minister and the government that are responsible. Every similar murder or violent act will be a result of shortcomings from the minister.”