Grech says TVM programme aired despite missing PN spokesperson, as per Castille instructions

PN leader Bernard Grech said that TVM current affairs programme Insights, aired despite its representative Joe Giglio being unable to attend

Opposition leader Bernard Grech
Opposition leader Bernard Grech

Opposition and PN leader Bernard Grech said that the democratic deficit in the country was always growing, with Prime Minister Robert Abela and the Labour government controlling the institutions.

During a telephone interview on NET FM on Saturday, Grech lashed out at the national broadcaster PBS, saying that it was acting in the service of the Labour Party.

He said that earlier in the week, PBS had decided to proceed with, and air a television show on TVM (Inisghts by Glen Falzon) even though its representative could not make it.

The Thursday current affairs programme featured only the Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri, after PN MP and Home Affairs spokesperson Joe Giglio was unavailable.

“The programme went ahead as per the directions from Castille. They only want the Maltese to listen to the message of the Prime Minister and the Labour Party,” Grech said.

“No one doubts that the institutions are controlled by Abela and his friends… no wonder Malta went further down in the Corruption Perceptions Index.”

The PN leader said that the government went back on its promises before the election and was requesting the wage supplement beneficiaries to refund the money.

Grech stated around 1,500 individuals negatively impacted by the pandemic were told they were eligible for the supplement by the Malta Enterprise, but now they were asked to pay it back

“This was not a genuine mistake. They told them they were eligible before the election to win over their votes, and now that they are no longer needed, the government went back on its word,” Grech said, whilst appealing to the independent media to investigate the matter.

He also said that the Office of the Attorney General was controlled by the Labour “clique” to protect its members who faced corruption allegations.

“Justice Minister Jonathan Attard said he fully trusted the AG Victoria Buttigieg. This is an error of judgement from his end, similar to his error of judgement when defending the prison director, and he should dismiss her.”

On a lighter note, Grech commended the carnival enthusiasts and artists, praising them for their skills and creativity.

He did, however, insist that the government was still to deliver on its promise of a carnival village.