Guze Ellul Mercer's son announces PL candidature

Malta’s former deputy Prime Minister’s son, Martin Ellul, reveals with Illum that he will be running on the Labour ticket in the coming elections.

In an exclusive interview with sister newspaper Illum, Guzè Ellul Mercer’s son Martin Ellul reveals that he is going to be one of the Labour Party’s candidates in the next general elections.

“Yes, I’m going to run with Labour in the coming elections,” Ellul says. “I was never comfortable growing up as a Nationalist, even though I came from a Nationalist family.”

Ellul adds: “In my blood runs the same sympathy which my father had towards the less fortunate.”

In the interview, Ellul also recounts how at the age of 10 he learnt that he had been adopted and that his biological father was the renowned author and politician.

Read the whole interview in Illum’s digital edition

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Ranier Lia
It's going to be a record ...... ( If the Labour party is going to avoid the same mistakes as before ) ...... Bhall irridu nedukaw in-nies taghna kif ser jivutaw .... U hemm iktar fuq xiex wiehed jahdem ....
malcolm ricci
malcolm ricci
Welcome Mr Ellul,of course you never felt comfortable being a nationalist,when you have labour blood running through your veins!Your dad was a man of honour and respect towards those who struggled through poverty and desperation.I am sure Malta needs people like yourself,and I feel very proud as a labourite to have you on our side.....once again.....WELCOME AND GOD BLESS.
Mario Bugeja
Zurrieq_Blues There are more persons who were PN but now are on the side of the PL. I am another example. WHen there was Dr. Fenech Adami leading PN, I was on the PN side. Today I am on the side of the PL. Obviously Malta needs change and immediately. And please note. There is another candidate to contest with the PL , who was a hardocre PN, but today he realized that the best party to lead Malta is the PL. ..... and this is the ...... Pharmacist of Bormla..... Adrian Meli. Welcome .... Malta needs you immediately. WHO'S NEXT PLEASE ???
Melissa Mercieca
Justice is being done. Guze' Ellul Mercer was one of the victims of the 1960's political-religious war, something which the referendum campaign reminded us of. The truth always comes out, even if it takes decades.
Claudette Abela Baldacchino
Son of Guze Ellul Mercer, Cyrus Engerer, Deborah Schembri, Dr. Manwel Mallia, etc, etc, etc, all ex-PN voters joining Muscat's Labour. Welcome on board. Who's next?

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