'The people can now see through Robert Abela's gimmicks and lies' - Bernard Grech

Bernard Grech said that the most worrying factor was that the Prime Minister and his friends did not acknowledge the ongoing 'national crisis'

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech
Opposition Leader Bernard Grech

Opposition and PN leader Bernard Grech said that the people now know that Prime Minister Robert Abela is a liar and can see through his gimmicks.

During an interview on NetFM on Sunday morning, Grech said that the most worrying factor about the past week was that Abela and “his friends” were not acknowledging that there was a national crisis.

“They are not listening to the screams of the nation. There is nothing worse than a Prime Minister and a party in government that ignore people’s suffering,” Grech said.

The PN Leader said that the Labour government did not plan ahead for the country, leading to people losing their power supply for the past six days.

“They did not plan anything at all and today we are suffering the consequences. All of us are suffering thanks to the millions they chose to spend on corruption, instead of the country. If you are angry, you should be angrier,” Grech said.

He said that he was informed of a power cut that affected the Gozo General Hospital on Saturday night. Grech added that although there was electricity thanks to the generators, there was not enough power for all the air conditioning units inside the hospital.

“They did not invest in generators that are powerful enough for the whole hospital. This is what we mean when we say that you pay for corruption – the taxes that you pay for end up in their friends’ pockets.”

Grech said that the government does not care about the Maltese and only cares for its people prior to the election, by sending them cheques.

“People can now see through Robert Abela’s gimmicks.”

He mentioned that he received messages from people that spent days without electricity, so much so that they had to spend a night at a hotel.

Grech also mentioned an elderly man who spent days without electricity and internet, and vital communication means.

“How can one lead a quality life like this? The PM visited the Enemalta trenches yesterday but one does not solve issues by doing PR.”

The Opposition Leader called Energy Minister Miriam Dalli “arrogant” for telling people not to switch on their AC and Inclusion Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli for suggesting that people read books during power cuts.

“Such arrogance and insensitivity!” Grech stated. “Whilst PN governments invested in the country’s infrastructure, the Labour governments invested in secret companies and persons of trust.”

Overpopulation and foreign workers

Grech said that he has been saying for over a year that the country’s infrastructure was failing due to the overpopulation.

He said that former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Abela had only one vision for the economy – that of importing thousands of foreign workers to Malta.

Grech said that the Enemalta map that showed the areas that were dealing with power cuts was incorrect and did not show all the places that had no electricity.

“In the past two weeks, the people have realised that Robert Abela is a liar […] He is always lying, like when he said that I had accepted his nomination for the Standards’ Commissioner and then changed my mind. He lies when he has his back against the wall – I don’t want a Prime Minister that lies but one that is clear and honest with the nation.”

Justice for Jean Paul Sofia

Bernard Grech said that he communicated to Jean Paul Sofia’s parents that he intends to nominate them for the Medal for the service to the Republic.

“John and Isabelle are an example of two people that won’t accept the status quo. We need more people like them and they have a right for justice.”

He added that despite his party’s pressure on the government to launch a public inquiry earlier, Abela’s government kept insisting against it.

“A week after he humiliated his parliamentary group and subjected them to people’s anger by forcing them to vote against it, he tried to play the hero by visiting the vigil.”

Grech also said that Abela lied when he said that the Magistrate asked for a long extension to conclude the Magisterial Inquiry.