MaltaToday voting intentions survey out tomorrow

A new MaltaToday voting intentions survey will be released on Sunday • We also give a snapshot of which candidates will be receiving your number 1 vote

We asked you who your first choice MEP candidate will be on the ballot sheet on 8 June and the results will be published tomorrow.

This will be the first MaltaToday MEP candidates survey of this electoral campaign and it will give a snapshot of which candidates are performing best so far.

And with the two major political parties featuring two lead candidates we also asked who will inherit their vote.

The MaltaToday survey will also gauge the strength of the political parties just before the hospitals inquiry debacle erupted with a breakdown of figures by region, age and educational background.

In the last survey carried out in March, the Labour Party enjoyed an absolute majority and led the Nationalist Party by 28,000 votes.

The Government Performance Barometer will gauge people’s satisfaction or otherwise with the Abela administration.

MaltaToday has been polling the nation regularly for more than 20 years and its surveys are agenda setters. So, be sure to pick up the Sunday print edition of MaltaToday early from your newsagent where the full results will be laid out in a five-page special.