Abela's statement on driving license racket is an 'invitation to anarchy', MEA states

The Malta Employers' Association has called out Robert Abela's downplaying of the scandal, stating that his reaction encourages people to bypass trusted structures

Robert Abela has defended Ian Borg's partisan medling in the driving test scandal
Robert Abela has defended Ian Borg's partisan medling in the driving test scandal

The Malta Employers' Association (MEA) has strongly condemned the string of scandals such as the benefits fraud scandal and the driving license racket, adding that the Prime Minister's reactions to these scandals are, "a radical invitation to anarchy."

The MEA stated this in relation to WhatsApp chats to a Transport Malta officer in charge of driving examinations that have revealed that former transport minister Ian Borg forwarded names of test candidates that had to be “taken care of” to ensure they passed their exam.

In relation to this, Robert Abela defended Ian Borg, stating that he was doing what was expected of him as a minister. Three officials have been charged with corruption in relation to this racket.

The MEA stated that by making such statements, Abela, "encourages individuals and businesses to bypass what should be established and trusted structures to either get fast-tracked to obtain what they are eligible for, or worse, to acquire entitlements which they should never have at the expense of others."

The association added that it is impossible to justify blatantly corrupt practices that place doubts on the safety of drivers on Maltese roads. "These abuses," MEA said, "are helping a few for partisan interests at the expense of potentially destroying many people’s lives."

The MEA also expressed its frustrations at the wider picture, noting that when one takes into consideration the phantom jobs dished out by government, abusive dishing out of health benefits, as well as the private sector's constant calls for government transparency, "one can only wonder how widespread is this culture of nepotism, and to what extent corruption has been normalised in our society."

The association concluded by saying that an apology, condemnation of this behaviour, as well as a commitment by both political parties to step back from partisan meddling, are needed to mitigate the current situation. The MEA also called for criminal and disciplinary proceedings against those involved, regardless of their rank, status, or political affiliation.

"Only then will we be able to steer back to a semblance of normalcy," the MEA concluded.