First cannabis associations granted operational licence

Two cannabis associations have been granted operational licences, meaning that they can start cultivating the plant as distribution is expected to begin early next year

The first operational licences for cannabis harm reduction associations have been granted to two associations, meaning that they can now cultivate their own cannabis. 

During a press conference, Executive Chairperson Authority for The Responsible Use of Cannabis (ARUC), Leonid McKay announced that in October, the first operational licences were granted. 

The associations in question are called KDD Society and Ta' Zelli, and the process for distributing cannabis to members can begin when the associations are in possession of the product. The cannabis is then tested by ARUC before being sold to members. 

On pricing, McKay stated that ARUC will not be controlling the price of cannabis in any way, however, he noted that the price is projected to compete with that of the black market.

Meanwhile, another four associations are also in possession of an in-principle license and are in the advanced stages of getting an operational license.

McKay stressed that in its work, ARUC steers away from commercialisation of cannabis, further stating that anyone whose goals do not match that of the authority is not welcome to work with it.

From her end, parliamentary secretary for reforms, Rebecca Buttigieg stated that Tuesday's announcement is a historic moment.

Buttigieg stressed that drug trafficking will never be tolerated.