Silvio Grixti attacks Labour Party 'monster' in fiery Facebook post

This is the first time that the disgraced former Labour MP opened fire on the Labour Party after he was implicated as heading a fraudulent benefit scheme

Former Labour MP Silvio Grixti has attacked the Labour Party, calling it a "monster" which destroys Labour supporters and appeases Nationalists.

In a short but fiery Facebook post, Grixti, who is implicated as the mastermind behind a fraudulent social benefit scheme, Grixti wrote, "Fellow Labourites, it's good to realise that we are second-class citizens and are treated as lesser than others, tortured by our own people."

Grixti lamented a lack of police action and media attention with regard to a Nationalist doctor caught selling falsified medical certificates and owning an offshore company.

Grixti was alluding to shadow health minister Stephen Spiteri, who in 2018 was caught selling medical certificates for €5 each

A judge had described the Medical Council’s disciplinary proceedings against doctor and PN MP Stephen Spiteri as a ‘classic case of a structural lack of objective impartiality’, throwing out the case.

"No one took his laptop and mobile, no one investigated him and no one arrested him," Grixti wrote.

In his first direct attack against the Labour Party, the former MP wrote, "The Labour Party nowadays is nothing but a machine that destroys the Labourite and appeases the Nationalist."

Meanwhile, some 184 people have been arraigned in court in relation to the disability scandal, home affairs minister Byron Camilleri announced in response to a parliamentary question from PN MP Jerome Caruana Cilia.

In September it was reported that a scheme headed by former Labour MP Silvio Grixti was responsible for a large number of individuals receiving monthly social benefits meant for severe disabilities they did not actually suffer from.

The majority of the people arraigned for fraudulently receiving these benefits confess to the charges and agree to reimburse the wrongfully acquired funds, subsequently receiving suspended sentences for defrauding the government.

Meanwhile, Grixti himself is yet to be arraigned, but had been called in for interrogation earlier this month. The former Labour MP had also been interrogated in 2021.

In a Facebook post, Grixti posted a photo of a medical certificate used by people requesting medical benefits. “Why is it that, when there were media reports in the recent past about abuses with these certificates, the police didn’t investigate and acted like everything was forgiven?”

He had also tagged Health Minister Chris Fearne. “What do you think Chris Fearne???”