Maximum six tenants per dwelling in new rental laws

Government restricts landlords to six tenants under revised rental laws

Landlords will only be able to register six tenants that are not part of the same family, to one unit, according to new renting rules released on Friday by Housing Minister Roderick Galdes.

During a press conference on Friday, Galdes said the changes will provide more stability to the rental market while simplifying the related legal processes.

“Three years ago we launched an unprecedented reform in the rental sector. Today, with our head held high, we are presenting these legal amendments to provide more stability and a simplification to the rental process,” he said.

Galdes insisted most landlords follow the law, but a few bad apples don’t follow the rules.

“With the amendments launched today, landlords will not be able to register more than six people in a single place,” he said.

The Housing Authority will also be empowered to hand out fines up to €2,329 against landlords that disobey the rules, such as by failing to register a contract with the authority. If a landlord does not remedy the situation, they could be brought to court and fined up to €10,000.  

Matthew Zerafa, the CEO of the Housing Authority, said these changes, along with the standards introduced three years ago, aim to keep a good relationship between landlords and tenants.

"We are making sure renting continues to be a good and stable option for Maltese families," he said.