Light passenger operators protest averted as key agreements reached

Cab drivers protest, originally scheduled for this afternoon, will not take place after joint discussions with the Transport Ministry

Y-plate operators holding a car-cade protest last February(Photo: LPOA)
Y-plate operators holding a car-cade protest last February(Photo: LPOA)

A planned protest by the Light Passenger Operators Association (LPOA), initially scheduled for today, has been averted following a breakthrough in discussions with the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure, and Public Works.

The announcement came through a joint statement from both the Ministry and the LPOA.

The protest, which was registered and scheduled by the LPOA, aimed to draw attention to various challenges faced by self-employed operators.

However, after negotiations, the two reached mutual agreements on key reforms designed to enhance the sustainability and regulation of the industry.

Among the measures agreed upon are new regulations concerning special license requirements, commonly referred to as "tags." These reforms are intended to improve safety standards and ensure that drivers possess adequate experience to navigate the Maltese roads effectively.

Additionally, measures to regulate the demographic supply within the industry are set to be introduced, addressing concerns about market saturation and operational fairness.

Both parties also discussed implemnting Geo-Fencing in specific areas. This technology aims to manage and monitor vehicle movements within designated zones, enhancing traffic management and environmental sustainability.

The ministry said the LPOA will be actively involved in further discussions to ensure that the implementation of Geo-Fencing is approached comprehensively and inclusively.