Abela pressuring magistrate to acquit Fearne, Karol Aquilina says

Opposition MP Karol Aquilina says Prime Minister Robert Abela should apologise for pressuring magistrates to acquit MP Chris Fearne   

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela

Prime Minister Robert Abela is exerting “unacceptable pressure” on the magistrate overseeing criminal proceedings related to the Vitals case.

“Robert Abela is showing that he has learned nothing from the recent electoral setback and is once again attempting to obstruct the course of justice. Instead of giving full support to the prosecutors who are doing their job on behalf of the Republic, as is his duty, Robert Abela is pressuring the Magistrate by placing the burden of the decision regarding Malta’s nomination for European Commissioner on him,” spokesperson Karol Aquilina said.

The Nationalist MP was reacting to the PM’s comments earlier on Wednesday, after he said Fearne would be nominated for the EU commissioner post if the former deputy PM is not indicted.

“Robert Abela should stop playing games with our judicial system and stop toying with positions that are of great importance to the reputation of our country,” Aquilina said.

He said that Fearne, together with the entire Joseph Muscat cabinet, has already been “found guilty of creating an environment of impunity in which journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia could be murdered.”

“Robert Abela knows that whatever the Magistrate decides in the case of the biggest fraud in our country’s history, it will not change the fact that his Deputy Leader has always supported, through his words and actions, the corruption and obscenities committed by the Labour Government from 2013 to the present day,” he said.

“Therefore, Robert Abela should not shirk the difficult decisions he is obliged to make as Prime Minister onto the judiciary. He should allow the judiciary to work serenely to reach the truth and justice, not what he thinks is favourable for him and the Labour Party.”

The Nationalist Party insisted Robert Abela should immediately retract the statements he made today and apologise to the Judges and Magistrates of the country.

“The Nationalist Party also insists that Robert Abela should make the political decision regarding the nomination for European Commissioner. The Nationalist Party insists that this decision should not be made according to the partisan interests of Robert Abela and the Labour Party but in the best interests of our country,” the statement read.