Ethiopian solidarity movement demands release of asylum seekers

Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia asks to send a delegation to Malta to arrange release of 50 detained asylum seekers.

Obang Metho said over 50 Ethiopians are now being held in detention.
Obang Metho said over 50 Ethiopians are now being held in detention.

The Washington-based Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE) has written to Malta's Commissioner for Refugees, asking for the release of some 50 Ethiopian asylum seekers, being held in detention.

Obang Metho, 
the SMNE's executive director, said in his letter to Mario Friggieri that his organisation was in contact with the detainees and was highly concerned about the length of their detention.

"We are also concerned about the extremely difficult conditions they face while in detention, including a lack of adequate medical and psychological attention for some who need it, services related to epilepsy, women's health, depression and mental health. Additionally, some are disabled and some are underage," Metho said. 

Metho said his organisation was ready to work with the Commissioner - whose responsibility lies in the processing of asylum claims, but not with the detention services - to send a delegation of Ethiopians to Malta to personally check on the condition of the asylum seekers "and to work out details for their release with authorities."

According to Metho, over 50 Ethiopians are now being held in detention for over nine months.

"Again, this is a violation of international law. We strongly urge Malta's detention authorities to immediately release all of these detainees to the open centre or for third-country asylum.

"These people are not criminals and are not dangerous to Malta society. Their only crime is entering into Malta without proper documents in hope of gaining asylum in another country.

"Despite it all, their greatest fear is not the detention center but is returning to Ethiopia, a country where the brutal treatment of its citizens is a constant threat to any who do not support a one-party, one-ethnic group kleptocratic dictatorship."

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They write about the Ethiopian illegal immigrants: "Their only crime is entering into Malta without proper documents in hope of gaining asylum in another country." This confirms what we all know, that illegal immigrants do not want to settle in Malta. They come here by accident or because they want to use Malta as a stepping stone for somewhere else. They want to leave Malta. We want them to leave too. So this organisation of Ethiopians in the US should lobby the US to take all the Ethiopians we have in Malta, whether in detention centres or out of detention centres. The illegal immigrants would be happy and the Maltese would be happy too. But the Americans are very selective. They take only the good ones. The others are left in Malta.
This guy is really a nice ethiopian and I personally appreciate his commitment to help his fellow citizens who are in serious problem. Our people who are currently suffering in Malta detention centres have came across long way from Libya to find better life. I feel so sad when I think of the risks they have taken to cross on the sea to arrive Malta. Its not fair to keep them for so long. They need to give them a quick decision. We,ethiopian citizens, support the effort made by Obang to help our citizens get released sooner. Keep on Obang :)
Anthony Galea If it is safe for tourists it is safe for these economic invaders. Send them back home, we have enough problems as it is.
Since you are based in the USA you can take them and all the illegal immigrants there and stop bothering us.
If you want their release get them to sign a declaration that the moment they are released they shall be put on a plane back to Ethiopia.